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Elaines Birth Story

Monday, 14 April 2014  |  Admin


My name is Elaine and here is my birth story.

My waters broke at 4:45am Sunday morning , I nudged my partner saying " the baby is coming, my waters have broken" his reply, while still half asleep that'll I'll never forget, "noooooooooooooo" seriously he said it for that long!
Anyway, he then shot out of bed and got dressed, I was a bit slower as I was trying not to leak everywhere. I phoned ahead to the hospital, we got there only to be told to come home again. Got told to go home and sleep, as if! Anyway my contractions eventually became a lot stronger by 11pm that evening. So we returned to the hospital. Were taken to the delivery room, where I was hooked up to the monitor to record my contractions and baby's heartbeat. The contractions gradually got stronger, and more painful, opted for an epidural and gas and air. While in labour my partner and I confirmed the name we had decided on. Maddison, such a pretty name.
So... I was waiting for the epidural to work, it didn't. Just numbed one side, hmmm... so at this point I was loving that gas and air!
So it finally came to it, me bricking it having been told I was having a big baby (my son was born by caesarean weighing 9lbs 4oz 12 years ago) It was time to meet our baby girl!
37 hours later, having a dry birth, I gave birth at 5:12pm. Our baby was rushed off because of not breathing, my partner and I were worried sick. All was fine though as crying started to echo in the room. The midwife asked if we knew what we were having... we said yes a baby girl. She looked at us confused, she said " it's a baby boy!" My partners jaw dropped! Shock is an understatement! A lovely one at that though!

So our baby BOY was born on the 3rd of March weighing only 6lbs 9oz! So not a big baby either, and my partners mum thankfully can give all the girls clothes she brought, to another member of the family expecting a girl...phew!
Just goes to show.. life is full of lovely surprises! :)

Elaine Reith

Here is the little chap dressed in pink as that's all they had !!  .... sweet