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Eat, Sleep and poo

Friday, 22 August 2014  |  Admin

Eat, sleep, poo............

So Jessica is well on her way with the feeding and is becoming increasingly frustrated that she wants to do it herself. So she is getting a lot more finger foods, I am new to this as Emilia had an horrific gag reflex and would choke and be sick with this until she was well over 1, where as jess will happily eat EVERYTHING!! I have tried her on bread, cucumber, banana, avocado, finger biscuits and finger crisps....what else can I try, going to give her avocado today?

Jess is also well and truly on the move now so everything needs to be moved out of times!!! this has resulted in Emilia getting very upset that Jessica can now get at her toys which were before out of reach.....queue Emilia taking toys off Jess, jess then crying and then Emilia crying that Jess has one of her toys......round and round in circles. I don't think it will be long until she is walking though so then I really will need eyes in the back of my head.
As parents we all wish for our children to start to do things but I cant help feeling upset by this with Jess, we have decided to not have any more children (2 is definitely enough and after Jessica's traumatic birth I don't think I could go through it again!!) I just want to cling on to her being my little baby. I feel we were cheated out of so much of the nice baby cuddle time with the horrific crying caused by the reflux and now she is growing up so fast........feel very sad.
Anyone else felt like this????

Sleep has become a big issue again with Jess who seems to of regressed and waking up 2/3 times in the night wanting assuming this is a growth spurt but this leaves me and my husband like zombies again.....its like having a newborn....lets hope that is over with soon as she was getting so good at going for 7/8 hour stints.

Finally, Emilia has been so good with the toilet training but is having MAJOR issues with doing a poo on the toilet, I find her out ion the garden hiding in a quiet place with a giant poo in her pants, or I have gone to feed jess for her morning/afternoon nap and come down the stairs to a waft of poo and she has waited until its quiet to do it. I don't understand what I can do to rectify this?? I have had to throw out copious amounts of pants now......HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!