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Easter bonnet turns out to be fun

Tuesday, 15 April 2014  |  Admin

Another half term coming up feeling a lot more confident now than in the early days. I used to just hope for survival at any cost, but now I look forward to enjoying my lovely daughters company not knowing what adventures each day will bring

Ruby had her Easter Bonnet parade this week at school and like so many parents like you to believe it was made entirely by their child. I would like to admit to you all I had a great time doing this with ruby I think I enjoyed it a little more than what she did to be honest, but unfortunately I'm a little too old to wear one myself.

When I attended the parade some of the other Bonnets were amazing this one child had what looked like an entire village on her head. I waited in anticipation for ruby and she walked past me with a lovely smile proud to be showing of what we made together just the night before.

Ruby was given two weeks to make this, but like I've said before I am not that well organised and tend to leave things until the last minute. I even got caught the day before in my local shopping center searching for Easter Bonnet supplies. Anyway they all looked fantastic and ruby you looked beautiful darling.

I need to tell you about a very sad moment in my life over this past week I don't wish this to happen to any man, but unfortunately it happened to me. The man cave is no more I thought it was time I thought about my children's needs first and I gave it up so that Poppy can have her own bedroom as it's been increasingly difficult lately to get the girls to bed at the same time.

I couldn't help, but feel a little emotional as I packed the computer away and my manly belongings into boxes reminiscing about the lovely quiet times we have shared together over the last two years. Some worrying times too as I would hide there until the wrath of the wife had gone and the smell of cleaning products was in the air no more.

Now I no longer have a place of safety to hide in or somewhere to briefly escape to just to feel normal (or shout loudly into a pillow) after a particularly hard day with the girls. Looks like its going to be a lot more faked trips to the bathroom for me then, but at least the girls can go to bed at a more reasonable time and therefore allowing me to spend some more quality time with the wife. (I say this with absolutely no sarcasm)

On Saturday at my church we had a family day for the mums and tots group toffee (tots and coffee) which I have been helping with a time to bring husbands and partners and older children along too. It was great to spend time with everyone and getting to know some new faces too. There are so many of us in this parenting race that it is really great to share our experiences together and to know we are not on our own and that other people have crazy lives too and that it is OK.

Throughout this year it has been a real transitional period for me and my wife we are both genuinely shocked at how quick the time has flown bye. I truly believe that both my girls have taught me so much during this time probably much more than what I have taught them. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to spend this precious time in their company and get to know them in ways I never knew them before when I was at work.

If any of you dads out there ever have the opportunity to do the same grab it with both hands as there is nothing better in life than spending quality time with your children.

I finished the week off in a very manly fashion with Wrestlemania 30 (Iím still just a big kid really)

As I'm writing you this Poppy lay asleep on the sofa so I'm going to say bye and try to sneak in a coffee before she wakes up. How has your week been? I would love to read about it in the comments below.

Until next time.......

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