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Don't mention Christmas!

Thursday, 9 October 2014  |  Admin

Holidays, a first birthday and the C-word.......

CHRISTMAS Another blog, another holiday! 4 trips this year at home and abroad! we have 2 very well travelled little girls......if only they still did the passport stamping?! Although we have gazillions of photos so not like we can not remember them all! We booked a last minute get away to Ibiza, although maybe should of thought more carefully about the flight times as getting up at 1am was not fun! especially as both girls decided to stay awake from 2am!!! This was Jessica's first time on a plane and matt and I were super worried she was going to be the child ALL the passengers hate with a massive screaming fit on take off and landing......thankfully I think she was sooooooooooo knackered by the time 6am came round that she had a mini cry and then passed out for about an hour which was good!!! She did the same again on the flight back!

I'm pretty sure the "Ravers" on the plane were quite happy!!! Emilia had such a fab time on holiday she was a loon jumping in and out of the pool and Jess loved being in the paddling pool splashing away and trying to eat everything she could lay her hands on! there was also a mini club for Emilia for a couple of hours a day which meant she had other children to play with and activities. We definitely needed that holiday it was all inclusive which meant no cooking or cleaning for a week which was HEAVEN!!

Weather was great too 23-26 degrees which was perfect for the girls! would highly recommend the Balearics to people with young families as the flight time was only 2 hours. It was also lovely to have some family time as with me working evenings and weekends time altogether is precious! Little Miss Jessica is 1 in 23 days time (not that I am counting) I cant quite believe where a year has gone?! 1 minute a tiny little 6lb 2 ozs, 3 weeks early and now up and about trying to get her grubby little mitts onto everything and anything! Being a Halloween baby means we will never have to worry about a party theme!!! The only thing I am really struggling with is deciding what to get her for her birthday....we have so many toys which were Emilia's hand me downs but want to get her something for her, something new?! ideas on a postcard please!! In addition to this it leads me onto the dreaded C word................Christmas.......what do I get Jessica and Emilia for Christmas? I am trying to be my super organised self and get little bits each week and then presents each pay day to spread the cost! I have already ordered my turkey?! It is scary how it creeps up on you and with Jessica's birthday it will come round quicker than previous years!