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Do you feel like you have information overload?

4 CommentsSaturday, 4 October 2014  |  Admin

OMG information overload!!!

Whilst it is important to have choice in life sometimes you are left spinning and it is difficult to know which way to turn.

Over the last 10-20years choice has become a big part of maternity care. If I think back to when I first started midwifery (20+years ago) women and midwives just did what the doctor ordered. There was very little choice in pregnancy and birth and certinaly no pregnancy retreats

-Antenatal blood tests for abnormalities were only given to women over 35 yrs.

-You were only offered one Antenatal scan at 20 weeks and if you wanted to know the sex of your baby no one would tell you.... 'hospital policy'

-Labour was induced at a week over your due date.

-Home birth was not an option especially for first time mothers

- If you had had a cesarean section you would be having another one.

-If you had blood pressure problems in pregnancy you would be monitored in hospital for weeks.

One of my most lasting memories of those early days in antenatal clinic was waiting rooms full of women wearing those thin 'open at the back' hospital gowns. A wire shopping basket at their side, full of the clothes they had worn to come to clinic in , sat there waiting to see the doctor. Little did they know they were about to have what can only be described as full 'MOT' and the gown just made for easy access!

Yes the waiting rooms are still full but gone are the gowns and baskets and the MOT to be replace by choice

Your first choice is which Antenatal screening tests will you have?

Early pregnancy scans / screening tests for Down syndrome and other chromosomal anomalies / blood tests for infectious diseases.......

The NHS website is a great resource to help give you an informed choice on these early screening tests in pregnancy.

And remember your midwife, GP and consultant obstetrician are all there to help you decide which tests are best for you .....


Lyndsay McDermid
Wednesday, 9 October 2013  |  12:10

hi Alison, you were one of the midwives last year at my homebirth in Lincoln (Milman Rd) and my husband Barret and I were just talking about you yesterday. We are now in France (we moved three weeks after our daughter Thula was born last July) and I am now expecting our fourth!! Wishing I could relive the past two home birth experiences which were wonderful, however french medical system do not support homebirth or waterbirth (they say it's dangerous) - am gutted!!! :( nearly worth heading home just to have the baby at home in my eyes!!

anyways, will sign off for now, take care, maybe see you around when I am in Lincoln again!


Alison Brown
Wednesday, 9 October 2013  |  16:27

Yes I remember you Lynn and I was only talking about your birth with colleagues last night telling them about
the amazing Doula who supported you.

France does have a very different approach to childbirth although as a student midwife all those years ago it was a french Dr called Michel Odent ( not sure about spelling) who has inspired much of normal birth practice here in the Uk.
Congratulation on the news of your 4th baby x

Lyndsay McDermid
Thursday, 10 October 2013  |  12:04

i think that there are private practices in the big cities that offer natural and waterbirths but since we are in the country as it were it's not an option, so hospital it will be. I was pretty horrified tho when talking about my birth plan with the midwife a week ago, the first question she asked me is do i want an epidural! err noooo!!!! it's me and Barret going it alone this time, with no doula and we shall try and keep the hospital as informed as possible when it comes to how we want to birth the baby - will have to call on google translate for that i think as my french is still shocking! Take care, can always pass on Glenys' details to you, should you ever need any doula info or hypnobirthing info. Take care, Lyn x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013  |  16:44

I read Michels book when I was pregnant - he inspired me along with Gowri Motha to have a homebirth - can definetly recommend to anyone wanting a homebirth and natural birth! - Vicky