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Did you faint when you were pregnant ?

Thursday, 5 September 2013  |  Admin

Are we sure the baby is a girl?, fainting in a restaurant and house moving/buying is stressful............

I cant help but keep thinking that the baby is actually a boy and not a girl, the 20 week scan only said "I think its a girl" I am carrying this baby completely differently to Emilia and have felt different throughout. I still think the baby might be a boy. I have also had strangers at work saying they think it looks like a boy.............well only 10 more weeks until we find out but I still have this niggling feeling. what will I do if the baby is a boy I have NO baby boy bits at all.........hmmmmmmmmm

We took some friends out for dinner on Friday and was such a lovely evening until the point when the desert showed up and I had a mini faint, the colour drained from my face and I felt hard to breath with stars and lights blurring my vision. This was not fun at all. I had only been thinking to myself a few hours earlier that I had not fainted during this pregnancy, I fainted 4/5 times when pregnant with Emilia (on a train, restaurant, up a hill and in the car) I obviously jinxed myself!!!!! After sitting calmly with my head in my hands I began to come round. Such a horrible feeling and nothing anyone can do to help. Phoned my midwife who had done my blood tests a few days prior and my iron levels are normal in fact better than that of a woman in her 3rd trimester. Obviously just another one of those unexplained pregnancy related issues. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.

The house move is proving quite stressful with little things causing irritation, any irritation is swiftly sorted out with an hormonal pregnant woman calling whoever has caused the irritation and getting it sorted. such a stress reliever!!! Fingers crossed we should be exchanging contacts within the next 7-10days......GULP!!!!!