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Diary of a stay at home Dad

Tuesday, 12 November 2013  |  Admin

Hi my name is Rob i have been married to my lovely wife Sarah for five years now. I have been a stay-at-home dad with my two little girls, Ruby six and Poppy three for the last six months. I keep a weekly diary of the ups and downs of being a stay at home parent, welcome to week twenty three.

So first school day back after half term and things could not have got off to a worse start. Most parents would have made sure their childs uniform was all neatly folded at the bottom of their bed ready for the morning, but not me, with the clocks ticking closer to midnight as I'm frantically searching the house for my daughter's uniform so I can put on a quick wash and hope the neighbours are already asleep.

The washing machine finally stops spinning at around 12:30am and I spread the clothes across the radiator with the heating on full so it would all be ready for the morning, except it did not go to plan the radiator decided it wanted to go to sleep too, so when I woke up to Ruby's uniform still damp, you could understand my concern.

I tried to iron her trousers dry, but it didn't work, I was panicking and running out of time so I just grabbed some dark jeans and thought it was either this or Ruby can't go to school, so off we marched, when we arrived at school I tried my best to explain what had happened, my story was met with a blank stare, which I was getting used to by now.

Any way It was Sarah's birthday this week too so there was lots of chocolates in the cupboard ones which I loved, but strict orders were in place not to have any without the wife present as well. I couldn't take it anymore more I waited until poppy had her midday nap so she couldn't tell on me (which happened many times before)

I slowly crept towards the Milk tray box (like a criminal to a bank safe) and gently opened it up only to find all the ones I liked had already been eaten, so I done the unthinkable took my favorite ones from the untouched tray below then placing the first tray back on top so the wife wouldn't find out (at least not now) It was definitely worth the risk and any repercussions that come with it. (I'll update you on that next week)

One morning we were in the local cafe enjoying a cooked breakfast together and I was wearing this particular shirt of mine with poppers. When Poppy decided to un pop it all the way down to the bottom and in doing so exposing my Hasselhoff chest hair to the entire cafe. Instantly putting everyone off their breakfast. I felt like I was standing there naked with everyone looking at me pointing and laughing, But I'm lucky I don't get embarrassed much (thanks for that Poppy)

My Mum offered to have both girls on Saturday for the night, so me and the wife could have some quality time together. We decided that we would go for a meal at this restaurant which was normally a little expensive, but they had a deal on where if you arrived before 5pm you could have a three course meal for ten pounds, (not the normal thirty pounds each)

this fitted our budget great as money has been tight especially since we swapped around roles so we arrived there with great music filling the atmosphere, smiley faces all around (I was thinking what a lovely place) then a waiter approached us and I said table for two please, for the lunch menu. The waiter then said sorry that is only a Monday to Friday deal it is the full price menu today!

I stood still and I was sure he could hear the gulp in my throat, I immediately made an excuse to leave to make an emergency phone call with Sarah. Hand in hand we both scurried off as fast as our feet could take us giggling together like two little school children, like I said before its good i don't get embarrassed much

We had a fantastic night at a more affordable restaurant and arrived home at a sensible hour and stayed up chatting all night as if we had just met. It is so important that couples get to have this time alone together to just be yourselves not a Mum or a dad. To see the reasons why you fell in love with each other in the first place.

Until next week……..

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