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Charlotte Pearl and her inspirations

Tuesday, 11 November 2014  | 

This season I have been inspired by childhood memories of majestical rows of hydrangeas lined up outside the kitchen window, a beautiful colour plate of the nightingale by Hans Christian anderson in a much loved family book read at bedtime by my Mother gave rise to the birdcage fabric and the red bows fabric is a new twist on a classic print.


More often than not I am inspired by memories of my own childhood, intertwined with new memories created with my own children and experiences as a Mother myself. My environment, a piece of art glimpsed at a gallery, a poem, or a favourite poem all help fuel my design process and now with baby number 4 in tow-Henrietta Jane, I am once again using my changing bags all the time- trialling new shapes, tweaking classics and making sure they stand up to the demands of 4 children!

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