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Charlotte asks how can two pregnancys be so different ?

Monday, 29 April 2013  |  Admin


My name is Charlotte, i've just turned 29, so the big 30 next year and I am 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and already have a little monster/girl who is 21 months old. I say little but she is abit more like a giant.......she certainly doesnt get her height from me (being 5ft 3) definately my husband!!. My 1st pregnancy was a breeze compared to this one where i had no sickness, no lack of energy....however pregnancy 2 has been more of a challenge especially trying to eat food, getting half way through food and then running to the bin/toilet to remove the contents of my mouth/plate not good espcially whilst out eating with friends or family. I have an interesting craving which has been beetroot although have been a little concerned about this as have been informed it can turn your wee purple, which would be rather interesting for my next "sample" for the midwife?!

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