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Bravado Maternity Bra's are voted most comfortable by our customers

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Bravado Bra’s


At Mummy and Little Me, you, our customers, are at the heart of everything we do and stock. This sounds a bit soppy, I know, but truly we do not sell anything that we wouldn’t wear, use or want ourselves. The perfect example of this is the Seamless Bra created by Bravado. We know just how uncomfortable pregnancy and nursing can be, and we absolutely recommend this bra for that. In fact we are absolutely used to customers coming in to try on the bra’s and being so comfortable that they leave in the bra they have just bought. And who can blame them? They are designed for comfort!

The elastic fabric used to make these bras moulds to your shape and size, as well as growing with you as your pregnancy continues. The bra also boasts mouldable foam cup inserts that hide nipples or breast pads; they can also be removed if you don’t want to use them.

The ease of the bras is also down to the sizing on them. One of the most difficult things about maternity and nursing bras is finding the right size for you at the stage of pregnancy you are at. These bras come in sizes Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. This means that it is so much easier to find your right size. It is suitable for wear both during pregnancy and nursing as it had clips that uncip at the top of the cup, causing the cup to drop down giving baby full access to your breast. These clips are some of the easiest clips to unfasten for nursing.

The last fantastic property of this bra is the bra conversion kit, you are provided with a kit that converts the bra into a normal bra. So you’re most comfortable nursing and maternity bra can become your most comfortable bra in general!

We stock these bras in Black, Ivory and Latte (our new nude option) and they are £29.99. So not only are they the comfiest bra we sell but also one of the cheapest ones, and with the uses being maternity, nursing and afterwards, one of the best value for money bra’s we sell.

Friday, 6 September 2013  |  15:38

Thanks Hannah - we loved your blog and it is all so true!!!