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Bonnie Baby stands the test of time

1 CommentThursday, 16 October 2014  |  Admin

Bonnie Baby stands the test of time …..

Sometimes as a retailer however well things sell you do get bored of seeing them, sounds silly but you start to think your customers will also be bored – even though the reality is 80% are new customers so how could they be bored! That is what happened with Bonnie Baby …we are ashamed to admit that about 3 years ago we stopped selling BB – why? We cant’ really remember but it certainly wasn't that we didn’t like their stuff and it also wasn’t because our customers didn’t either – so we think on reflection it was just a case of needing a bit of a change.

Of course I have constant reminders in my house of BB as my daughter now 8 and a lot, had one of their blankets when we first opened ( 8 years ago ) this blanket has stood the test of time like no other piece of baby clothing or accessory has. It is still in bed with her most nights – well actually her favourite teddy ‘Tilly’ has it as a swaddle – it is so soft and after a 1000 washes still looks immaculate – I’m not exaggerating either! It really is quite amazing.

So when we spotted the new Bonnie Baby range a few months ago we realised that we were suffering from some form of BB withdrawal … so without further ado ordered the new and gorgeous Fox range - it’s gorgeous. As for the new cotton and cashmere range – I nearly took another one home for me! Gorgeously soft and we know it will still be like that in 10 years.

So there we go – anyone umming and ahhing about investing in a decent quality blanket – honestly – just do it you won’t have any regrets with Bonnie Baby.

Bonnie Baby
Friday, 17 October 2014  |  10:45

Dear Mummy & Little Me,
We are very happy to welcome you back as a customer!
It's so lovely to hear that the one of our blankets has become a favourite for your daughter, we do hear this allot. That is exactly the aim of our garments, especially the blankets, that they are loved, treasured and hopefully, passed on down the family.
Thank you for feeding this back to us, it makes us all warm inside ;)
The Team @ Bonnie baby London