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Bonding with your baby before it's arrived

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Hello Mummy & Little Me readers! I'm so rubbish at keeping up with blogging lately that today I've sat here most of the day doing various posts that just needed to be done - this is another that has been on my mind for ages and finally I'm sitting down to get it written. How quickly does time go? I think second pregnancies go much faster than the first, probably because I haven't had as much 'time' to fuss about being pregnant and remembering little dates which in a way upsets me, it worries me I won't have bonded with this baby as well as I did with Oliver... is that silly? Yes I know deep down that's silly.

Here's another thing that's been worrying me, for the past four and a half years my lovely little Oliver has been an only child - all attention for him, how is he going to handle no longer having all of our attention? I really want him to feel included as much as possible so I've been thinking of ways to make him more likely to adore his little sister. Firstly, I've let him pick a present for her (a little football teddy and a sleepsuit) and she is also arriving with presents - amazing, shes been shopping already from the womb? Expensive girl already - sorry Daddy! Obviously she hasn't gone crazy... we've got Oliver a bucket which is full of sweets, a little sunflower growing set and a lego police toy, which being a 4 year old boy I'm sure he will love. Hopefully this will make her seem like a lovely baby hehe. Also, Oliver has to meet her first after mummy and daddy he will be her very first visitor - that's very important to me and to Oliver too. He wants the first cuddle with 'his baby'. I'm going to make sure that once we're back home, we have lots of attention on him too. I'm going to go to the cinema when I'm up to it with him and Michael's going to have a boys day - probably a walk down to the canal and getting super muddy which mummy will hate!

Has anyone else got any ideas they could suggest to help Oliver settle into life as a big brother easily? I feel sorry for him as we've not long moved and his whole little world is changing so quickly, new school, new house and now a new baby due... tomorrow! Wow. Pregnancy has gone fast.
Anyway I'm very keen to avoid being induced, I was induced when I had Oliver and I absolutely hated it. It felt un-natural and lets be honest the pessery, hurts.. I found the sweep painful too but I am going to have it this time again and as my due date is tomorrow I'm going to give it a few extra days then google every old wives tale there is to bring labour on naturally because once I'm full term I want to go into natural labour. I will miss being pregnant though, we don't want another baby after this one, we feel two is our family complete so it's a bit sad knowing I'll never have this bump again. Having said that - Michael will be happy I'm not getting up every minute of the night for a wee and I will be happy to be able to put my feet into shoes and you know, actually see my feet again? hehe.

Bit of advice, if you're pregnant and planning to move house... do it earlier rather than later, we moved at 34 weeks pregnant and it was very very stressful. There's always problems that you don't expect to happen such as the heating breaking, the new DFS sofa not being delivered and having to sit on ikea poang chairs heavily pregnant - not good! And it's only just calmed down now that my due date has arrived. Breastfeeding is another thing thats worrying me - gosh I seem all worry worry at the moment. I gave up fairly quickly breastfeeding Oliver but this time I'm a bit more determined, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself and as long as I try my best then that's all I can do but I really want to be successful at it so I've got nursing clothing, bras and accessories ready to hopefully help make it easier for me this time. Has anyone got tips or advice for successful breastfeeding and what to expect? If you have then please comment and let me know! I will happily welcome any advice given.

My hospital bag is all packed now (I think), I've got one bag packed in order of how I will need it during labour. Then I've got a second bag packed for my hospital stay if I need to stay in there (Oliver's present of lego is in this one). Maxi-cosi car seat is ready and even has the puckababy gogo already inside it, looks very snuggly I must say. Bugaboo cameleon 3 - ahhh exciting, is all set up in the hallway and to make sure it stays clean I've put the raincover on it hehe. Shh thats totally a normal thing to do! Oliver's overnight bag is packed ready to go to nannys house for a sleepover if he needs to while I'm in labour. Baby girls clothes are currently in the washing machine! I think... I'm ready?

Myself and Michael cannot agree on any girls names or even spellings of names! I genuinely worry she will be called Baby Girl for a long time. Getting you involved again, if you want to suggest a girls name then do please, we need ideas.

Next time I write for Mummy & Little Me I should have had my baby girl and be telling you all about my labour. I'm reviewing the brand new Elle Tens + from Babycare Tens and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Wish me luck, hehe.

Mary-Kate @mummymemories x

Thursday, 6 March 2014  |  13:16

good luck with everything! Can't wait to hear your birth story!