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Retailer of the month for Pink Lining Changing Bags

1 CommentWednesday, 21 November 2012  | 



We are so excited to announce that the fabulous Pink Lining, home of the "Yummy Mummy" changing bags, have made us Retailer of the Month! This is the first time they have given this illustrious award, which makes it even more special for us, being at the top of their list.

Every time we see the Pink Lining team at trade shows, they always have a chuckle at us, because when we very first decided to begin stocking their fabulous bags over 5 years ago, we ordered a grand total of 2 changing bags!! Just in case they didnt naive we were!

We love Pink Lining; every season we fall more & more in love with their amazing designs, but not only are their products fantastic, they are also (and this is just as important!) lovely, lovely people to deal with. The Pink Lining family have become great friends of Mummy & Little Me, and always been amazingly supportive - so we bow to Pink Lining and say - Thanks guys! This has made our month x



Pink Lining
Thursday, 22 November 2012  |  13:09

We love you too! Thank you for being such great stockists and for presenting our bags so beautifully!

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