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Baby Showers by Mummy and Little Me

Tuesday, 18 June 2013  |  Admin

Mummy and Little Me – Guest Blog

Blooming Baby Showers is delighted to be working with the gorgeous boutique Mummy and Little Me to bring you a beautiful range of stationery and partyware for the perfect baby shower celebration.

But first, as this ever-growing trend is making its way across the pond and is being embraced by UK celebrities and royalty as we speak, let’s pose a few common questions on baby showers…Yes or No? Pink or blue? Family or friends? Before or after your baby is born? Planned or surprise? Admittedly, they are not the front runners in terms of need to know answers nor are they essential during early pregnancy but as maternity leave approaches and the days of relaxing into your pregnancy draw near, they will suddenly become the all-important for those fans of a baby shower celebration!

So what is a baby shower? In its simplest form, it is a wonderful celebration where traditionally, girly family and friends would come together to share their wisdom and pass on best wishes to the mummy-to-be. Today, this very much remains but the occasions can be somewhat more elaborate and in some cases, high profile, to include a theme, beautiful food and drinks, fun games and sometimes even men!

Gifts are also a key ingredient but by no means essential and they certainly don’t need to be luxurious or expensive; the original thinking behind a baby shower gift was to support the mum-to-be in preparing for her new arrival and therefore token gestures of new baby essentials are always gratefully received.

It was initially commonplace for a baby shower to be held for your first child but increasingly, baby shower celebrations are appropriate for second, third and even fourth babies and have the more appropriate name of a ‘baby sprinkle’. This is where the more quirky and unusual gifts play a role because it is assumed that all of the essentials are already be in place!

And so onto the organisation, this is typically the responsibility of someone else and the tradition is for a baby shower to be hosted on behalf of a mum-to-be, normally by a sister, mum, close friend or even husband! The most important consideration is the date and making sure the mum-to-be will still be active with lots of enthusiasm for her big event. There is then the guest list, the venue, the timings and agenda as well as the food, drinks and entertainment…not forgetting the slot for the showering of gifts and the sharing of love and best wishes!

Baby showers are often an afternoon event and although there are no strict rules, they are normally held at the home of the mum-to be, in the garden sunshine where possible and with the sound of afternoon tea and cakes to keep you company! It is a wonderful opportunity to gather together friends and family in advance of a little bundle’s arrival but also increasingly popular is a ‘welcome to the world’ celebration…and its not necessarily a case of either/or, it’s often as well! Why not introduce everyone to the little person you were celebrating and eagerly awaiting just a few weeks ago!