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Babies bouncing back from illness

Monday, 30 December 2013  |  Admin

What a hectic month we’ve had! We moved house for a start, to a different town, only 15 miles away from our old house but still, when you don’t know your way around the local supermarket, you might as well be in another country! Almost.


Austin was poorly, so poorly in face that we had to take him to hospital. I phoned the NHS 111 number and was told “Your son needs to be seen by a doctor within the next hour!” cue lots of crying and panicking on the inside from me, whilst on the outside staying calm enough to try and soothe a very hot Austin (by now his temperature was up to 40.2!)! He was showing a lot of meningitis symptoms (high temperature, photophobia, rash, stiff neck etc..) which is why they wanted him to go to hospital. We took him to the local one, only 5 minutes from the house – we used Google to help with directions as we’d only been living in the new place for 2 days! The doctor there wanted us to take him to Winchester hospital to be monitored by the paediatric team there. So we drove him to Winchester in the evening and came out early the next morning. Turns out he had tonsillitis, an ear infection and a general virus causing him to feel even worse. My poor little baby! After a couple of days, his antibiotics started to take effect and he started to feel better. A week later, he was back to his normal cheeky self, pulling baubles off the Christmas tree and chasing the cat around the house!


I’ve also had a 3d scan in the time I’ve been offline, it was so amazing! My little girl looks so much like her big brother, it was actually like watching his 3d scan all over again. I might be a little biased but I think she’s going to be a cutie! It looks like she big pouty lips and chubby cheeks already. We can’t wait to meet her! She’s been kicking non-stop over the past few weeks so I think she’ll be as active as her Austin. We’re going to have our work cut out!! Austin’s latest game is turning himself around on the spot whilst giggling, then trying to walk off, still giggling, in a straight line! Much like a drinking game he’ll probably be playing in 18 years time!! It’s so funny seeing him growing up, he’s my little boy now, not my little baby. He’s saying a few words, mainly “Hi” which he says with great force, as if he’s ordering you around and “Yeah” which he’s saying more in context now, usually if you offer him a blueberry or a biscuit! He also says “ssssssshoooo” if you show him his shoes! He’s too cute.


Last week I had an appointment with the midwife and because I’ve moved to a new town, I have more local options on where to have the baby. The hospital down the road (we now know how to get there!) has a birthing centre, which is apparently like a home from home. It’s midwife led, so is really for straight forward births and it sounds really nice. Austin was a forceps baby, delivered in theatre, so if I had another labour like his I would need to be transferred to another hospital. And at my last scan, my placenta was low which again, would mean I would need to deliver in hospital. BUT if my pregnancy continues nicely and my placenta moves up, I will be looking in to delivering at the birthing centre. Have any of you had experiences of a birthing centre? I’d love to hear how you found it to help me make up my mind! It sounds so nice and relaxing, just the type of birth I had hoped for with Austin and, I hope for this time.


Right then, I have mince pies to bake! Until the next post...I promise it won’t be so long this time, from my little family and I, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!xx

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