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Anyone else feel like they are a radiator?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013  |  Admin

Internal baby radiator and heat

OMG! where to begin, I know I am only 21 weeks pregnant but I can not cope with this heat! I am melting! with the internal baby radiator I am a hot, sweaty mess and not in a good way. I have resorted to sleeping downstairs on the sofabed as I can not cope with my baby radiator and my husband who is also like a furnace! Who said that romance is dead hey?!

I don't care I want this hot weather to go away! I can cope with early twenties with a breeze but its so sure I am not the only pregnant lady feeling like this!

On the plus side it has allowed me to do some online shopping at mummy and little me, purchasing a GORGEOUS dress for a wedding we are going to at the end of August and I can not wait to wear it. :o)

If anyone has any tips for staying cool, other than not going out and using a fan please do let me know!

Off to go and loiter around the freezer aisle in the local supermarket..........................