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Angels, mary and chocolates

Thursday, 12 December 2013  |  Admin

{Diary of a stay at home dad} Week Twenty Seven

So as you are all aware most children have chocolate calendars at the start of December, so as we are a few days in I thought the girls have got the swing of how it all works, one day passes another chocolate and you must wait to the following morning for your next little treat, those are the rules of how it works that have been passed down the generations, but for some reason Poppy doesn't think these rules apply to her.

I was tidying the girl's room upstairs I was only gone a few minutes and upon my arrival back into the living room I saw Poppy sitting with her calendar and it had been opened all the way to the 15th of December so unless I just cleaned the house for two weeks straight and didn't notice, or travelled to the future without noticing either I think my little angel has some explaining to do. When questioned Poppy said ‘'Lockletts in my belly Dad'' I asked how they got there and her reply was ‘'don't know it was just an accident dad I didn't mean too'' (have you ever tried to tell your child off when they have the sweetest look on their face its so hard) she gave me that look like puss in boots in the Shrek movie and I just caved in and said don't worry darling

So I attended a very special Christmas play this week where my little angel Ruby was playing Mary. I looked on as the play was about to begin frantically trying to search for her to acknowledge that I was here and very proud of her, we both saw each other at the same time and her smile was lit up the room. My mother was sitting next to me and we were talking about when I played an angel at my school Christmas play (with a tinsel halo and white gown) and now I'm sitting here watching my child in her play, a very special moment for me. Ruby's part came up and she did amazing then looked straight over to me to see if I didn't miss it. (well done ruby Daddy is very proud of you)

My girls are growing up so fast Ruby has a crush on a boy now (you should have seen my face) I went into classic dad mode, who is he? how old is he? where does he live? I breathed a little easier when I found out who it was Olly Murs, but it was just confirmation for me that they do grow up so quickly and we have to enjoy the time when they're young because before you know it there at school drawing I heart Olly Murs on their school books. At least Ruby still thinks I'm a cool daddy and I don't cramp her style yet. (but I'm guessing those days are numbered)

I did a very manly job this week i travelled up the the loft to fetch the christmas tree down, well i say that what really happened was, I held the ladder as the wife went up there to get the christmas tree down a job which Sarah really enjoyed as she got a chance to visit a few of her old friends up there that have eight legs. We all had a great time though putting it together and letting the girls decorate it, but when there were asleep Mummy and Daddy had a chance to give it a quick makeover as Poppy liked to put all the glittery balls on one branch.

So Sarah came home Monday evening with a certificate stating the words employee of the month. I was so happy for her due to the effort she has put in over the time she has been back at work, she has come so far over the last seven months and this just shows all her hard work isn't going unnoticed and especially not from me either so well-done wifey.

We took the girls to see Father Christmas on the weekend (father wishmas to Poppy) Sure it was over priced and they only saw him for two minutes, but they were so excited and loved the present. He forgot their names as it was probably the two hundredth child he had seen that day, but they didn't mind as we left the grotto Ruby looked up to me and said ‘'Daddy he might have trouble fitting down our chimney'' I said don't worry Ruby I'll leave the key out for him instead''

Three days to go until I'm thirty! I say bring it on age is only a number and you are only as old as you feel so I guess I'll always be a teenager then. (I’ll let you know next week if my positive attitude changes on the day)

Until next week….