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Angela Reviews our new Retreat weekends

Monday, 23 September 2013  |  Admin

You know how it is: your bump is getting bigger and heavier, you're getting back ache, your ankles are swollen, you're tired (but baby wants to have a party when you're having a rest!), and maybe your maternity leave from work seems like ages away - you need a BREAK.  Maybe you're already a busy mummy and would like the focus to be on you for a change!
Imagine you could have a weekend away - a weekend of bliss - where you could not only totally relax and unwind, but you had your pick of pregnancy pampering and classes at your leisure.
For a true maternity retreat, look no further than Mummy & Little Me Retreats.
Staying at the tranquil Champneys Springs in Leicestershire, you will be looked after by professionals whose focus is you and baby. 
You will receive one to one private midwife advice during your stay; you'll have as long as you need to talk about your pregnancy and ask any questions you may have about birth, and beyond.  Maybe you're unsure about how to begin breastfeeding, or even changing nappies! This can cover everything you may have any concerns about and is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to empower you, ready to bring your little bundle joy into the world.
Of course it's about pampering you too, so you'll also receive a relaxing mum-to-be massage, get a keepsake of your bump at a maternity photo shoot, and lots of maternity goodies to take home with you.
No cooking, no cleaning - feet up, relax and let the professionals pamper and guide you through this wonderful pregnancy retreat with Mummy & Little Me Retreats.