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Alison Brown, Midwife Joins Mummy & Little Me

Thursday, 26 January 2017  |  Admin

Let The Journey Begin!
I too, am on a journey, just like the new parents I’m about to meet and exciting times lie ahead for us all.
I have been invited to be part of ‘Mummy and Little me Retreats’, a new and exciting adventure providing antenatal education to parents to be in the luxurious surroundings at Champneys Springs in Leicestershire.
As a midwife I do not underestimate the very privileged position I am in. Being there at the start of life...........being the first person to see that new baby........sharing the emotion of sad and happy times that this part of a womans life can bring.
Over the last 21 years I have helped empower women and their families through the maze of becoming new parents. Advice comes from everyone, everyone has an opinion and as your little one does not come with an instruction manual, it can all seem very confusing at times. We all have the same goal though, which is to do the best for our new baby.
I am often asked:
‘Is there any need to attend antenatal classes?’....
‘Do you learn anything at them?’....
‘Are antenatal classes worth it?’
There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions but antenatal classes will give new parents an opportunity to learn more about pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby. They can also give new parents a safe environment in which to ask questions on particular issues they may have and help them make the right choices for them.
So my journey has begun and over the next few weeks I will be putting together the programme of antenatal classes for the weekend retreat. This will give me a chance to revisit the current up-to-date recommendations to help get parenting off to a good start.
If over the coming few weeks you have questions about your pregnancy and beyond, please ask me by completing the form below, and I will try to cover all areas.
Alison x