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Aden + Anais Musy

Wednesday, 20 November 2013  |  Admin

Whatever you want to call them, be it security blankets, comfort blankets or comforters, most babies have an absolute favourite which helps them calm down when feeling agitated (and for that reason their comforter becomes a parent's best friend too!).
We have always recommended US brand Aden & Anais for these; not only do they do an excellent job of comforting the little one, but they also craft them from their classic muslin fabric, which is ultra absorbent (think of all the dribble...and more!) and washes really well, so often doubles up as a practical item for Mum and Dad too. Best sellers have been their 'Musy' muslin cloths, and their satin-edged comfort blanket 'Issie'.
So, we were very excited to hear that Aden & Anais have combined the elements of both these wonderful products to create a new, even more wonderful, product that is sure to delight all you die-hard Aden & Anais fans - and create new ones!

Introducing the "musy mate™ lovey".

In this range you will find some lovely animals full of character:
Two Puppies, two Cows, and one Elephant.
All made from the inimitable Aden & Anais muslin fabric, they feature their classic patterns, such as Jungle Jam and Princess Posie.

Watch as baby grows older alongside their musy mate™ lovey, interacting with the animal's face and enjoying the soft, comforting fabric of the blanket attached with its silky satin edging.

Classic musy mate™ loveys are £19.95, and a selection are also available in the ultra soft bamboo fabric.

Makes the perfect gift for any little one. Shop our range now and decide which is your favourite!