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A Pain the butt is not the only place Sarah has a pain!

1 CommentTuesday, 8 October 2013  |  Admin

I have a pain in the butt. Literally. A huge pain in the butt! I'd say I was quite active, not as many as some, but more than others, I'm up early walking the dog, then walk to work, then lunch time is another dog walk, then walk home up a very steep hill, then off for a swim. By the time I sit down it's about 9pm, I'll plonk on the sofa, cross stitching away in front of the tv for a couple of hours then bed. So a fairly active day, not the most interesting routine but, you know, I am pregnant. The problem is when I pull myself off the sofa I have a massive pain in my backside. Upper left cheek to be precise and I'm limping suddenly. I don't even have to be sat for very long when I suddenly seize up and I find myself hobbling round the house at bedtime, heaving myself up my stairs, like an old biddy, glass of water in one hand the other clinging onto the banister.
I'm full of aches and pains at the moment, nothing serious, just general pains I'm getting as my body is changing and expanding. Heres my list;
1. Pain in Upper left butt cheek (on the side)
2. Belly button pain, as if it's getting tugged from the inside.
3. Stitch on lower right bump/groin when walking.
4. Various assorted headaches throughout the day.
5. Tightening of bump on an evening, painful to turn in bed.
6. Blocked up nose.
7. Feeling nauseous after eating lunch.
8. Feeling overwhelmingly tired around 4pm.
9. Pain in right shoulder, have a feeling this is down to continuous stitching/Candy crushing though.

However, I'm actually having a really easy pregnancy and I feel great most of the time, even with the 9 points.

I have been thinking about Mr A. I'm not sure if I mentioned I bumped into one of his friends a few weeks ago who told me he was still here in Lincoln. Living just 3 miles down the road. So all the time I'm expecting to bump into him, if the doorbell or the phone goes, I jump. I half expect to find him waiting on my doorstep when I get home from work and I worry about how, when I do bump into him, I can stop the bloody dog from licking his face and looking as if he's been missed. It's harder to stalk someone when they block you on on their social networking sites I've noticed, harder but not impossible, and as I've been feeling so good this week I did a bit of digging. (Don't judge me, I'm pregnant, and sometimes my shoulder needs a rest from the sewing.) So while I was doing a little search around the Internet I found a few tweets that had been written to him welcoming him to his new job.... that he started last week... Down south! So it looks like I was right all those weeks ago, he was looking for a job away, and now he's found one and he's gone.
I then did something I haven't done for about six months, since we started going out but I logged into the dating website where we met. When I met Mr A I closed my account down, but they never let you do it fully, they still keep your profile on there, but I hadn't logged in. I didn't want to as I was happy, then I was pregnant so not really up for going on date, also I've sort of blamed this site for the situation I'm in and wondering if I could write a letter of complaint to them, or the like. Anyway I logged in, found his profile and immediately saw that the last time he went on there was in the past 24 hours!!!
So he's gone, and he's back out there and he's up for meeting new people or whatever (hope he's learnt his lesson and wears a condom next time) and I've got to say I felt a bit hurt. Not so much that he's out dating again but I'm really hurt that he's actually moved away and didn't even let me know. Didn't even say where he was going or popped me a text to say if I was desperate or needed him, this is where he was going to be. He's just gone and it's like the time we were together and happy, and planning holidays and having fun didn't matter, but worst of all it's like the little person he's created doesn't matter either. What will I tell her when she asks about her Dad? So not only did I feel hurt but I felt guilty as well. I'd been thinking recently about getting in touch with him and making sure he was OK, in my head he was going through turmoil, racked with guilt and not knowing how to build bridges with me and I felt bad for him. I thought, deep down that he would get in touch. I couldn't have been more wrong.
So I called my best friend and ranted on at her for half an hour, and she proved why she's my best friend as she agreed with everything I said, whether it was right or not. By the time I'd done that, and talked to my mum I was over it. He's gone now, time to move on and get on with my life with my little family I'm creating, because you know what? I've already got one pain the backside, and 8 others to boot, I really don't need any more.

Lyndsay McDermid
Wednesday, 9 October 2013  |  12:21

Hiya Sarah

read your blog with interest to see how you are getting on. Having been a single mom for the first year or so of my son's life I can completely understand every emotion you are going through and do wish you all the best.

Now on my fourth pregnancy (crazy I know) - currently 23 weeks, I have not suffered too much with discomfort so far, however just looking at what you do in the day, do you think that you may have SPD? Only reason I say is that I have had to quit running and exercising too much as every time i have been pregnant I have had this problem, it's a pain right into my groin, feels like I am being stabbed and it is dreadfully uncomfortable to the point I can also barely climb the stairs at night, but it seems to go away once i have rested. I did go to the docs last time i was pregnant and they sent me to the physio, but i found that i was better dealing with it with the advice i got online and taking it easier with regard to exercise. Oh and by the way, I share your pain with regard to headaches and tiredness, it gets to 3pm of an afternoon and I can barely keep my eyes open!

Take care, enjoy your pregnancy, sounds like you are going to be just fine. Even if there are tough times, believe me, the best is yet to come and you will find happiness in the future with someone who does appreciate you, you do deserve better!!