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A Maternity Bra that Fits!!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013  |  Admin

A bra that fits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To pregnant women it can be the slightest thing that makes them happy and for me this week it was a new maternity bra that fits, is comfortable and able to contain my ever expanding boobs! When I went up to Leeds for my visit last week I got measured for a bra and was told they were waiting for new stock to come in of the one that would fit me best, was so pleased to get the bra at the end of last week posted to me in the comfort of my own home!!

Tried on the bra and was in HUGE amounts of comfort already, with extra room for more “growing” the Bravado Seamless bra is AMAZING. Last time when I was pregnant I had to keep going backwards and forwards to other retailers in desperate need of more room. Mummy and Little me were able to fit me with bra’s that were going to last my pregnancy instead of spending money on bras which would only fit for a couple of months.

Words can not express how happy I am, thank you so much Mummy and Little me.

In other news (Top Gear style) I think we are pretty much good to go now with baby items. Been going through Emilia’s old clothes and it’s so crazy that she was that small once (I say small she was 8lb 5ozs when born) I fear having another big baby, especially with the comments I have been getting at work…..anyone would think I am about to give birth?! I am nearly 6 months pregnant but everyone seems to have an opinion about how BIG I am……well if the baby is happy and healthy and growing that’s all that matters. I think being 5ft 3 has an impact too being smaller the bump looks bigger…..hey ho place your bets now on the birth weight… thinking 9lbs…..GULP!!!!