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28 weeks already, time flies

1 CommentThursday, 12 December 2013  |  Admin

Wow. I'm nearly 28 weeks? When did that happen!

This pregnancy feels like it's going really fast and it scares me a little, I feel like I should have a pen and paper making a birth plan right now because the time is just going to fly by. I can't sleep very well at the moment which is so frustrating because I know once March comes I will be doing whole up every 2 hours thing and I doubt I will be as lucky as last time where Oliver was sleeping through every night by 7 weeks. At the moment my brain feels like it's in overdrive when I lay down and I'm getting terrible heartburn already. Michael complained he got no sleep the other night because I snored so badly, which I never do... I remember him waking me up asking me to move onto my side – thinking that would stop it, well I was already on my side! And hormonal Mary-Kate cried because erm well, no I have no idea why I cried.. I went straight back to sleep.

I absolutely love being pregnant though and watching my bump grow is amazing! And this whole letting me sit down on a packed train? Thanks! The London underground man gave me a “bump on board” badge just like Kate Middleton.. I haven't worn it though, I don't want to lose it. Hehe.

I'm still trying to be good eating wise, Michael told me I wasn't allowed a chocolate croissant last week... I cried, seem to be crying a lot at the moment? But he's not mean he was right, I had already had enough and I'm the one telling him to tell me no! (he isn't around to witness all of the muffins I've had recently hehe, sorry Michael). Another thing to mention is my baby brain, it's so bad lately. I was walking Oliver to school when I thought – oh I haven't made Oliver's packed lunch! Panic. Opened lunch box and turns out I had made it, I'd just forgotten about making it.

I am getting kicked all of the time now and it's the best feeling in the world. Michael and Oliver have both felt baby girl kick, Oliver said “wow, she kicked me”. My mum's also felt her kick and I know Michael's mum really wants to but she's never moving when shes around! ('Baby Girl' – really can't think of any girl's names I like that aren't already taken by nieces! I predict she will be 'Baby Girl' for some time after birth! It's hard to give someone a name that they will have forever.)

This week I have my 28 week midwife appointment and I'm hoping that my blood pressure is still ok, I think it is... it feels ok? Not that you can really 'tell'.
At this point in my pregnancy with Oliver I had high blood pressure and at 35 weeks I was kept in hospital because it was so high. So far this time it's been low or normal, which is what I'm aiming for because I've got my heart set on that lovely birthing center instead of a dull hospital room. Another thing that's different is my feet, they aren't swollen this time! Yay, no one calling me Shrek feet. Also very good because it's not summer and wearing flip flops like last time would not be ok.

Having said that, I am really struggling for anything to wear this time... What happened to maternity wear on the high street? “Sorry, it's only online now” or “Sorry, we no longer have a maternity range”. Why, there's still pregnant ladies and Mr Shop man if I wanted to shop online, I wouldn't be stood in front of you. I'd be on my laptop on my bottom drinking tea pigs tea and eating chocolate biscuits. I haven't ordered anything online yet because I like trying it on before and I'm obviously, not very clued up on maternity items so it's really hard to buy online, I think and I have no idea where to start.

After my midwife appointment for my blood tests I've got my Anti-D next week, obviously this is something I had last time because I am O rh Negative but even this has changed. Now I only need one injection instead of two and then one after giving birth – see everything is always changing, so even if you're a second time parent you've still got questions. It wasn't until the other day that I knew what Anti-D actually was and where it came from, sounds terrible doesn't it but I admit last time I just have the jab because I was told I needed to. This time I'm a bit more of a googler and I like to know what's happening (Not always a good thing, you can diagnose yourself with something you definitely haven't got).

In case you don't know what I mean by Anti-D; “Anti-D (RHO) immunoglobulin is used to prevent pregnant women who have a rhesus negative blood group from producing antibodies against their rhesus positive foetus. Rhesus antigen is a chemical that is found on the surface of red blood cells in some people. Some people have rhesus antigen on their blood cells and others do not. People that have rhesus antigen on their blood cells are called rhesus positive and people that do not are called rhesus negative.”

Also now I'm nearly 28 weeks I need to get my whooping cough vaccine – this is something I have said 100% yes to from the start of my pregnancy and I wouldn't question not having it after hearing about whooping cough. By me having the vaccine the immunity I get from it will pass to my baby through the placenta. I have been a little bit naughty though – flu jab, I still haven't had it. I put it off and off, like I said this pregnancy is just going so fast and then I had a cold which reminded me to have the flu jab but then because of the cold the doctor said I couldn't have it done until the cold was gone.

My cold has gone now so that's; blood tests, Anti-D, whooping cough vaccine and flu jab coming up! Arms – get ready to hate me...

So I guess that's my 28 week update (or 28 week rant..)

Mary-Kate, x 

Monday, 23 December 2013  |  14:39

Bless you for crying at the chocolate croissant!! I completedly agree about maternity wear, it's so annoying! My pregnancy clothes from last time are all summer dresses which just wouldn't work in this weather! I hope your midwife appointment goes ok, fingers crossed for your blood pressure!x