Shapewear After Pregnancy

If there is one thing most women agree on it is that they want to get back into shape after having a baby as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Belly Bandits make this possible (and you don't have to step away from the chocolates or even step near the gym!)

These great bands come in Bamboo natural or Couture and they work! After the band then you can go onto the Corsett.

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Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings£79.95

Belly Bandit Couture

Belly Bandit Couture£64.95

Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black

Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black£69.95

Belly Bandit BFF

Belly Bandit BFF£79.95

Belly Bandit Shield

Belly Bandit Shield£29.95

Belly Bandit Black Leggings

Belly Bandit Black Leggings£44.95


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items
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