Shapewear After Pregnancy


Just had a baby and put too much baby weight on?  Don’t worry you are by no means the first!  Post pregnancy you have a lot on your plate so we want to make this easy for you. Our Bally Bandit postpartum girdles and waist trainers will offer extra support to those core muscles, meaning your post pregnancy weight should fall off you. No need for gyms and lots of hard work you have other tiny things on your plate now. 

Belly Bandit will get you looking and feeling great again with their huge arrangement of products, from the Belly Bandits themselves which come in different shapes and styles. Plus ‘Mother Tucker’ range from leggings, which  make your legs and behind look amazing to nursing tanks, which cleverly hide any unwanted bulges . t

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Belly Bandit Luxe Belly Wrap

Belly Bandit Luxe Belly Wrap£109.95

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings£89.95

Belly Bandit mother Tucker Corset

Belly Bandit mother Tucker Corset£99.95

Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black

Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black£79.95

Belly Bandit C-section Briefs

Belly Bandit C-section Briefs£39.95

Belly Bandit BFF

Belly Bandit BFF£89.95

Belly Bandit Original in Nude

Belly Bandit Original in Nude£54.95

Belly Bandit Shield

Belly Bandit Shield£34.95

Belly Bandit BDA Bra

Belly Bandit BDA Bra£39.95

VIP Yummy Mummy Card

VIP Yummy Mummy Card£20.00


Page 1 of 1:    20 Items
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