Not for Profit


The world has changed dramatically over the past few weeks.  It’s scary for everyone, us included, so when PacaPod introduced their  not for profit  line, it was like a big rainbow in our skies had appeared! 

Not for profit is designed to support new Mother’s in this very worrying time, PacaPod  calculated the point where they make no profit on a selection of their bags and are offering them out to you new Mothers at this uncertain point in your lives. We all know that your baby will not wait until this is over so this is their way of supporting you all, most of the bags are over 50% off.  They will also be making a donation to a selection of their local charities who will be helping people affected by Covid-19 / Coronavirus.

So by picking a bag with the logo you are getting a great deal in these uncertain times and also supporting Covid charities. Please note deliveries are ongoing as normal so you have nothing to worry about. 


LOVE Mummy & Little Me