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Your Best Support Network

Thursday, 24 August 2017  |  Admin

Your best support network postpartum


When I was pregnant people kept saying to me "your life will never be the same". In my head I kept doing that “well obvious” face that Kevin and Perry (remember them!) used to do. But until you are on the other side, it cannot be explained accurately. Well it can be, but you don’t believe it.


Being controversial, it is also hard to take advice off people who gave birth years ago. I mean human nature being what it is, means my mother and her generation often look back on these things with rose tinted glasses and, of course, medicine advances. This is where my new family comes in. My antenatal class family or ACF as I like to call them.


If your close family are anything like mine, as soon as we announced I was pregnant, one of the following questions was "are you going to do NCT classes?".


As great as having a baby for the first time is, the thought of spending whole weekends with six other random couples discussing child birth was not exactly exciting. I had also heard stories about people being told in antenatal classes that you were a failure if you couldn’t breast feed. Then you realise the cost and we had serious doubts about undertaking any classes. Eventually we took the plunge and I am so thankful we did.


I recall sitting in the car park of a village hall waiting to go in to the first class. I felt like I did on the first day of school or university! Mad I know.


One friend said to me before we started "the content is good but it is the people that make it worthwhile, you will have a whole new gaggle of friends who will be invaluable". That friend was not wrong. My ACF have been my lifeline and kept me sane, even in the early hours of a morning when I am struggling being a Mum.


Maybe I was lucky, but my ACF have been fantastic. I loved the fact that I could talk and laugh with the mummies to be about the less talked side of pregnancy (everything from being scared of wetting yourself (and worse) in labour all the way through to depression and how to cope). These were things that I feel I could only discuss with ladies who were experiencing all these emotions and worries at the same time as me.


It was when I gave birth though that the ACF came into its own. The support has been fantastic. No one minds silly questions and someone always has a bit of advice that you may have never thought of (little finger upside down in the mouth may seem obvious now but it wasn't to post birth me!).


Yes antenatal classes are expensive, yes they don’t focus enough on post birth but boy oh boy the support network you gain from them is priceless and, if I am frank, has got me through the first three weeks of being a mummy.

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