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Would a buggy organiser make your life simpler?

Thursday, 8 June 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

I recently fell back in love with my buggy organiser. We went to Chester Zoo last week and we planned to take a picnic, there was 4 adults and 1 child so I knew that the pram basket was going to be full to the brim with all the stuff that we were going to be taking. I took my Kerikit Thor backpack which I carried on my back all day but I knew that I didn't want it to be super heavy and the one thing that makes it heavy is drinks, wanted to take 2 drinks each for both me and Sophia 1 water an 1 juice so I dug out my old buggy organiser and it managed to hold 5 drinks comfortably all day. It meant that my backpack was lighter and it was easy to keep grabbing a drink and popping it back in during the day.


Other reasons I love my buggy organiser:

  • It acts as a cup holder when I'm out around town as my pram doesn't have one. I usually end up going to Subway or somewhere and finding myself rushing my drink because I can't hold it whilst simultaneously pushing my pram.
  • You can have your most used items within easy reach at all times. My number one item that I always like to have in arms reach is tissues. The buggy organiser keeps everything close-by which is great for summer when I may be out without a jacket and have no access to pockets. Yes my backpack is only on my back and items are also within easy reach but it does take that little bit longer to access them.
  • Having the buggy organiser gives me the chance to take a smaller bag out with me if I want, dare I say it - an actual handbag. so it's nice to have that option too.
  • As well as the drinks holders at either end there are usually a couple of smaller hidden pockets suitable for keys or even a phone. (I wouldn't recommend leaving your phone in there unless you are close to it at all times in case it gets stolen).
  • They are cheap and fit a surprising amount of stuff in.
  • Even though mine is only held by velcro straps at either end it can easily hold a decent amount of weight and not budge an inch.
any cons?
  • Mine is open at the top so if it rains the contents will get wet.
  • They aren't very secure and can be an easy target for thieves.
Overall I think they are a great buy and are especially useful if your pram doesn't come with a cup holder like mine. To view the buggy organisers that Mummy and Little Me sell please click here. Do you use a buggy organiser? - Jodie x