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Wishing away time with little ones

Monday, 7 May 2018  |  Admin


Wishing it away



I have spent a lot of time since Harlow was born wishing he was able to do a bit more, a bit quicker and wishing the time away.

I crave for when he sleeps through, when he becomes more independent and when I can have my arms back again.

While you are in the new born trenches for the first time, it’s okay as you have all the time in the world to focus on them.

When you go through it for the second or third time with a sibling you find yourself wishing they could do that bit more and become quite impatient for them to do so.

Of course, I enjoyed Harlow being a new born, the way he slept on my chest with his feet curled up on my stomach, but this experience was just different.

He was demanding, he didn’t sleep, and I also had another child to look after.

Just like when I was pregnant with Elijah compared to Harlow the whole process was different.

Each milestone doesn’t seem as magical, you loose track and things become lost in the chaos of family life.

Greg said he found he wasn’t as excited as we had done it all before.

That’s the crux for me, because we had done it all before, we had moved past this point and went on to another with Elijah.

We had routine, sleep and we enjoyed that Elijah could walk, talk and we had fun.

Suddenly the daunting prospect of being responsible and caring for a baby’s every single need was overwhelming again.

I think we had forgotten what to do, what it was really like.

So, we spent time is only now when Elijah is nearly 4 that I understand when people say it goes so quick.

Harlow will be one in three months, I am a little bit sad, but I am also loving that he is becoming his own little person with his own little likes and dislikes.

He is becoming Mr independent, wanting to feed himself and boy is he mobile.

Perhaps it was the PND, perhaps it was just the fact we are ready to come out of the new born phase now.

In years to come I will probably think back to this time and regret it, but I also know what is coming up and I can’t wait.

This is what excites me, first holidays, first summer playing in the garden and enjoying getting some sort of family balance back again.

But, for now I am trying to keep myself in the present and enjoying these last baby days while I can.