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Will you go trick or treating this weekend?

Monday, 24 October 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me




This year will be Joey's third Halloween and as much as i want to get into the Halloween spirit, is their really any point?
As a child, Halloween for me really wasn't a big deal. I was at a boarding school and yes it was celebrated but it wasn't like your usual trick or treat outings, we could only trick or treat within the school grounds. As an adult I've still really not been too interested in it and its still very much an american holiday that's passed over the pond. But now I'm a parent it's my responsibility to start traditions for my son, it's down to me to plan costumes, decorations and activities etc. But with the current "Killer clown" craze kicking off I'm not sure whether I really want to partake in Halloween this year.

If you're from the UK or in fact the US then you may have heard on the news that people have been dressing up as Killer Clowns and scaring the life out of people. I personally think it's ridiculous and especially as a mother i am terrified of anyone appearing at my window in the dark with a scary mask on. Halloween should be fun for the people who celebrate it, it shouldn't be an excuse to terrify people.
Every year I've dreaded Halloween of a night as you are guaranteed that kids will go round the area trick or treating. A lot of children are supervised by parents and it's fun for them but their are kids who use it as an opportunity to cause trouble. I will of course have some sweets on standby for any kids that knock on our door but I'm in too minds whether to get Joey a proper dress up outfit. I've always bought him a Halloween inspired outfit but never a proper fancy dress, last year he hadn't even started walking.
If you are going out trick or treating this Halloween with your children, keep safe and be aware at all times. If you’re staying in like me, then make sure the house is all locked and only open the door to friendly children.

Do you have any plans for Halloween? Or like me are you going to give it a miss this year?

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