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Will there be enough love to go round when number two comes?

Saturday, 29 April 2017  |  Admin


Loving A Second Child

From the moment you find out you are pregnant with number two, you're filled with wonder. I certainly was, constantly wondering how on earth could I love another the way I love Noah. It just didn't feel possible, my heart was so full and he occupied so much of it that I really didn't think there would be room for another. You never have to worry about your love for your children in comparison to the love for your other half, because they're two totally different kinds, but was another arrival going see my halving the love I had to give? I definitely worried. It's natural isn't it? Please tell me it is. Your children consume your entire life, never mind your heart. Especially your first child, because they're the only one you have all your focus on. But what happens when a second comes into the mix. It's incredibly hard to imagine how much someone you've never met will change your lives, what new dynamic will form and how you'll all adjust. But you know what - it just happens. I'm fortunate, I escaped motherhood with no real baby blues or PND and I'm forever thankful for that. Instantly my heart grew the moment I met Patrick, it wasn't a thought process or something that required any actions it happened organically and immediately. I felt a little silly afterwards for worrying all that time, because just as my heart grew for Noah it did so for P and I'm sure it would do it all over again for any other additions to the family.


It was after Patrick was born, I realised your heart isn't divided and your love isn't shared, it's completely individual. If I'm having a day where my toddler is a royal pain, it doesn't mean I'm more in favour of Patrick, and the same goes if P has had the worst nights sleep, I don't feel more inclination to tend to Noah extra that day. It's as if your heart doubles. I have a Patrick heart and a Noah heart, and I don't think anything could ever lessen or grow the love we've got, it's infinite, boundless. If you're sat there, with bump and already a mother, then don't worry as I did, really, don't. Before you had your first child you never knew a love like motherhood and be prepared for those exact steps to occur again, you'll never know a love like mothering siblings. It's different, yet the same. It gets me thinking about the families with seven, eight or even more children and how much love those parents have to give. Of course, love isn't the sole emotion, you have to have double the patience, double the sanity and double the amount of hands - because keeping up with two boys is no easy task let me tell you that.