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Why you should know CPR

Thursday, 8 December 2016  |  Admin

You might have seen on my social media last week that we had a bit of a scary situation with Sophia as she swallowed a 5 pence coin.

Thankfully she didn't choke but heaved a bit the told me that a 'penny' had gone down her throat. It wasn't an emergency situation as she was breathing fine and was happy playing with her toys again a few seconds later but obviously as a parent I was worried. My husband told me that he had swallowed a £1 coin when he was a toddler and that the hospital wouldn't even x-ray him and told them to wait it out. I consulted 'Dr Google' who said that it should pass on its own within a few days. I kept a close eye on her breathing which as fine and I also kept a lookout for any signs of stomach ache. She ate and drank normally and I checked her nappies but still nothing. 6 days later I was worried that it hadn't yet come out so I phoned NHS 111 I told them that she seemed absolutely normal but I worried, they told me to go to A&E. I went and after a 2.5 hour wait the Dr told me that he believed it would have passed within 24-48 hours and as she had no stomach ache he didn't want to X-Ray. I was adamant that it was still in there and he told m not to worry that it would eventually come out if it was. I asked him if he had a metal detector which he did, he waved it about and it didn't beep. That helped to put my mind at rest that maybe I had missed it?. The morning after on the 7th day out came the 5p!

I am happy that it's out and I no longer have to worry about it but I am still scared about what could have happened. I am now booked onto a local First Aid course to teach me CPR and what to do in emergency situations such as choking etc as I wouldn't know what to do. Has your child ever swallowed any foreign bodies? and since becoming a parent have you ever thought about doing a first aid course? - Jodie x