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Why Jodie loves the Pink Lining Child Range

Thursday, 1 September 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

Pink Lining is one of the most popular brands of changing bags out there and it was the very first brand of changing bag that I bought. I've since had a few different Pink Lining bags which I all loved. The Yummy Mummy bag is everyone's go-to choice and I loved mine but I since prefer the Notting Hill tote as it is more of a handbag style and it has built-in pram clips.
Anyway have you heard of the Pink Lining Child range? It's a great option to consider for the now crazy back to school rush. Pink Lining make a range of backpacks and matching lunch bags which are the cutest. I've had mine a while as they are older prints which are now discontinued but the new ranges are just as gorgeous if not nicer. The style of the bags and lunch bags has stayed the same though.
Why I love the Pink Lining Child range?
It's great quality as expected from Pink Lining. The material is hard-wearing, light, waterproof and wipe clean so it would be perfect for school.
Stand out from the crowd. I hated turning up at school and 1/3 of the school year would have the same Nike bag that was on sale down at our local sports shop. If your bag isn't the same as everyone else's then it will be easier to find.
Comes with blank name tag stitched in to write your child's name on.
Matching products - I'm a sucker for anything matching as it's just so cute.I would love my LO to have a matching bag and lunch bag when she goes to school.
Well thought out styles and designs. The small bag that we have is perfect for my toddler as I've found that a lot of the high street bags are twice the size and drowned her. this size fits neatly on her back and is just the right size.
I also love how the lunch bags have clips on the handle so you can attach it to your pram. I also love how the satchel has room for a personalised picture in the front.
We use our mini rucksack quite a lot as it's small and easy to chuck under the pram, it's also great for her to take along for an afternoon at Grandmas as it's big enough for all her essentials. I plan to use it when she starts nursery. We have a backpack from the kids range at Next but they didn't have measurements online and it's massive compared to this bag (4 x as big). I would say this mini version is suitable for ages 1-4 and when you go to school at 4 size up to the satchel larger rucksack style.
The lunch bag is perfect for any ages and we have used it on a few picnics, I love how it has a clip to attach to your pram handle and I love the unique Pink Lining designs. Each bag has space to write your child's name in so that it hopefully won't get lost in school, they also make cute matching wheelie cases and overnight bags for holidays.
View the Pink Lining Child range on the Mummy and Little Me website here.