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Why do we buy Christmas presents for babies

Tuesday, 11 October 2016  |  Admin


Does a Baby really need presents at Christmas? That to some might sound ludicrous, how could you not buy your little one presents, and don't get me wrong, I have got P quite a few already but I almost feel a little silly. He's going to be six months, I really can't remember when I was 6 let alone 5 and a half years previous to that, is he really going to notice if he doesn't have lots of bits? You see, with Noah, he was three weeks at Christmas and our first so we bought him way more than he possibly needed and ended up opening them ourselves because clearly he couldn't do so, in fact, he slept through the whole morning. I guess what I'm trying to say is, is it a waste of money buying baby bits when they really don't understand. For us, I've bought P around 15 items, nothing expensive or big as we have so many of the larger items (jumperoo etc) left over from Noah, but I'm almost certain if I left him empty handed he'd be none the wiser, but his bigger brother would most definitely question where Patricks presents are. I could put money on the fact he'd think it's because P has been 'naughty', can't you tell we're really bigging Santa up this year?

I asked amongst a few of my closer friends, one of whom is decorating her babys bedroom for Christmas. A complete fantastic idea in my eyes, of course she'll have presents from others, but they're using the money they'd usually spend and putting it towards doing something seriously useful - such a clever way of doing things. Another friend suggesting buying for the year ahead, so although they wont be able to play with some toys right then and there, buy and put away, that way you're saving spending extra money over the coming months - again another genius idea in my eyes. All in all, we of course will give P some presents to open, but this year will be more about Noah, he's three and Christmas is extremely magical to him right now, so why not take advantage of just having to splurge on one little one for the last time.

What are your views on presents for babies at Christmas? Emily - Babies and Beauty