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Why Buy your Changing bag from us

Wednesday, 20 May 2020  |  Admin

Need some help with choosing a changing bag

What happens if I can't choose which bag I want as I can't get to the shops to look?

You try and narrow it down to a small selection then we can send them all to you so you can choose in your home. That way you can put them over your shoulder, feel all the weights of them and decide which is your favourite.

Do I pay to return the ones I don't want?


No we have a free returns policy so once you have picked the one you fancy, just email us and ask for a returns label then pop them back to us.

What happens if my changing bag develops a fault?


We make a point of only every dealing with brands that offer great no quibble guarantee's so you really have nothing to worry about. 


My baby is not due yet but I want to get nesting and buy my bag early is that ok?


Yes of course, these days our our guarantee's are a minimum of 12 months and some are 2 years so it's absolutely fine to do that.


How do I choose a bag when you have so many on your website?


The short answer to this is email us and ask us to call you, it's no problem and we can guide you depending on what you are looking for.


I have no idea what I'm looking for so how will you know?


Ask yourselves these questions to start with 

  • Do I have a budget 
  • Is this for one child or more
  • Is Dad happy to carry the bag whatever it looks like 
  • Do I have a dog so maybe need a backback
  • Do I have a large handbag? If so you will probably need a large changing bag 
  • Do I want a baby that looks lke a baby bag?
  • Will I need to take it to work sometimes and put a laptop in it?
  • Am I quite organised ( if so a PacaPod is for you!)
  • Do I like Designer bags (Jem + Bea for you!)

Or simply email us your number and we will call you.


Love Mummy & Little Me 

Stay Safe