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Why Bridget Jones picked this Changing Bag for hospital

Tuesday, 20 September 2016  | 


For those of you who were have watched the Brand Bridget Film you may have noticed her rather gorgeous baby changing bag or diaper bag as the Americals say ! Of course we heard a whisper back in March she had chosen this bag but we were not allowed to let the cat out of her funky bag ( as it were !).

So when the film finally went live last Friday the Mummy and Little Me team sneaked off a little early to see if one of our favorite suppliers had indeed managed to get this honey of a bag on the big screens for the world to see.  When we spotted the bag sat in her hall we whooped whooped in the cinema... it was unfortunately at a slightly inappropriate time when Mark Darcy and Bridget were having a rather serious conversation - slightly embarrasing.

So Pink Lining had decided to call this hospital  bag the Bridget bag in the hope it would make an appearence - we have always loved this Black cabs pattern with the usual hot pink inside it looks fabulous and so apt for Bridget don't you think! 

Be warned though girls, Pink Lining bags are seasonal so once they are sold out that is that - no more will suddenly appear. At time of writing this we do have a great offer subject to stock which is you can get a free bottle holder as well as a giant swaddle. 


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