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Why a backpack changing bag is so handy

Wednesday, 14 March 2018  | 

If I was an expectant mum right now and looking for a changing bag the main question I would ask myself would be 'should I get a backpack style changing bag or not?'. This past year backpack style baby changing bags have taken off and are extremely popular but as an expectant mum looking for the right bag you need to decide if a backpack style bag would be best for you or not so I have written this blog post to try to help you decide.

The first bags that I am drawn too are the luxury leather bags that look more like high-end designer bags such as the Jem + Bea Jemima and the Pacapod Firenze which are both also very popular. The thing to remember with these bags is that yes they are absolutely stunning but in my opinion they are quite heavy, I personally owned the Pacapod Firenze and it was very heavy once full and also the very thin shoulder strap that it came with was very uncomfortable over my shoulder (Jem + Bea have a more comfortable wider strap) so these bags ideally need to be attached to your pram at all times with stroller straps (Pacapod includes them with the bag) or you would need to have access to a car full-time so you only really need to carry the bag in and out of the car. I personally don't like carrying heavy handbags over one shoulder as I find all the weight of one bag over my shoulder very uncomfortable so I would not choose this in a changing bag either, I did try it for a while with the Jem + Bea Beatrice but usually I just left it attached to my pram all of the time. I do however like cross body bags and found the Jem + Bea Amber the perfect size to wear in a cross body style with the long strap and I loved that it wasn't too bulky or heavy to wear. But out of all the many changing bags that I have tried the one that I still use often and love the most is the Kerikit Joy backpack as I just find backpack styles so much more comfortable to wear and when my daughter was older and we no longer took the pram out with us I found having backpack invaluable. I could hold her hand and carry on as normal without a big uncomfortable bag in the way. So a backpack would be my number one choice but I know that it wouldn't be for everyone else. Things to ask yourself are:

  • Do you want to baby wear? a backpack would be easy to carry your things on your back whilst you wear your baby on your front.
  • Will you have access to a car full-time? - heavy bags won't be a problem for you.
  • Do you want your bag to be able to hang from your pram? - check the bag description as not all baby bags have this feature.
  • How long will I use it for? Do I want to be able to use it when my child is no longer in nappies possibly for work or to go to the gym?.
  • Will this bag be used mainly by you or will it be shared with your partner?.
  • What is my budget?.
A few of my favourite backpacks are:
  • Jem + Bea Jamie £140.00 - I love how the straps unclip and fit effortlessly over your pram handles. They also have a luxury leather version for £265 here.
  • Kerikit Joy XL £295 - this is a slightly larger version than the one that I have but the quality and features are second to none. I often use this when I'm out and about without my daughter.
  • Kerikit Thor £275 - This is an absolutely stunning bag and I really love it, I love its clever design with the 2 large pockets inside, I also love this updated version with padded straps to make it super comfortable.
  • Pacapod Hartland £89 - fashionable design, lightweight complete with organisation pods and also it's all comes at a great price. What's not to love.
  • Babymel Robyn £60 - cute design, great quality and all at a low price. I also love how it comes in lots of different colours.
There are also lots of other that I love from brands such as Skiphop, Storksak and Petunia Picklebottom but I wanted to keep it just at my top 5 choices. So do you think you would choose a backpack or a more traditional messenger or tote bag?. Whatever you decide Mummy and Little Me have got you covered. - Jodie x @wigan_mum
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