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Who else Likes Baby Joules Clothes?

Friday, 5 July 2013  |  Admin

Omg !!!! Has anyone seen the beautiful new joules range on the mummyandlittleme website , I soooooo think they are so beautiful , ive got a few joules items too , but sadly due to my increasing bump I doubt they will be fit to wear this year :( .
I'm 22weeks pregnant now and I must admit im still struggling with my poor feet , but I think my shift combination and the ward being so warm is not helping at all !!!. I should imagine that if I should ever get 5mins to myself id like to put my feet up or have a nice pedicure !!! I am not keen on having swollen trotters anymore !!!!
Ive even been doing my food shopping online as my legs and feet are so painful and I can't face wandering around :( .
My boobs again are driving me bonkers , and im sleeping in Stewarts t shirts now sore nipples are not a selling point !!!!! See I do wonder why these celebs do not tell us how pregnancy really is , for real mummies !! Swollen feet , sore boobs , spotty hormonal skin and all the other less exciting pregnancy woes !!
I think the "blooming " stage must have been while I was sleeping , because ive definitely missed it ! . How is everyone else finding pregnancy ? Ive still got to wait for another consultant appointment
Ive felt lots of kicks this last week and they are getting more often and more stronger which I must admit is a beautiful feeling , and Is to be treasured :)
We have now started getting a few bits together for our new arrival and have made a to do list , we've got a lot of sorting out to do in our house , especially as Charlie is only 11months so we seem to already have so much baby stuff everywhere !!!.
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather , ill be at work this weekend but what ever you all do have a fabulous time !
Sarah xx

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