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Which is the best changing bag for me

Wednesday, 2 May 2018  | 

Which is the best changing bag for me?

If this is a question you are asking yourself then you have come to the right place - Here at Mummy and Little Me we are the experts for baby changing bags. We have all the best brands, every single bag we sell has a no quibble guarantee - we will not deal with any brand that does not offer this, so your purchase is safe with us.


Ok so if you are in the early stages of pregnancy and don't know where to start with your new bag then you need to ask yourself some questions... 

Will my husband be carrying my changing bag or will he have his own?

If you have a husband who could not give a monkey which changing bag he is holding, then lucky you - however we know from experience that sometimes new Dad's feel a little uncomfortable with, for instance a Yummy Mummy bag. So your choices are like this, do you get a bag for him and choose the bag you really want, or do you in some cases compromise and get something to suit you both.  Don't miss our Bags for Dad's section



Do I need to be hands free? 

This is important, if you have a toddler or a dog ,  We are not comparing the two we realise they are quite different - for one thing a dog would never throw his food on the floor! But back to the point, you may need to be hands free - well there has never been a better time to buy a backpack changing bag, they are in fashion and there are plenty of gorgeous ones to choose from. Currently the PacaPod Hartland is our best seller 

What is my budget for my changing bag? 

Our baby changing bags start at around £60  and finish around £300 . However do not be fooled into thinking the lower end bags are not great quality, or they will not have everything you need as they still have the same guarantee's on. If you are on a smaller budget then you cannot beat Babymel, they are well designed  changing bags that will not hurt your pocket.


Do I want a  nappy bag that matches my pram? 

Some new Mothers' like to buy there pram before their bags and match them up - others simply think this is there new handbag for the next two years so it doesn't matter a jot - either way, it's a question you need to ask.

Do I want a baby bag that looks like a handbag?

We tend to find it's 50/50 - some love their bags to look like they are changing bags and others  are very passionate about the fact that under no circumstances should it scream baby .... which one are you?  If you are the later then Storksak may well be your brand, they have a huge amount of changing bags that look like normal handbags.

Do I want a changing  bag that keeps me super organised? 

There are those, who because of the genes are very organised, there are those who are not - there are those also that want to be ..... If you are, or if you are a wannabe then you need to look no further than a PacaPod. With their amazing 3-in-1 system you will always know where everything is, this nappy bag will keep you super super organised, we promise! 


Do I know what colour I want my change bag to be? 

We have a colours filter on our website so if you absolutely know you want a bright orange  changing bag (for instance) then you can easily find your perfect bag. 








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