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Which comforter does your baby sleep with?

Friday, 7 February 2014  |  Admin

At playgroup I decided to ask a few mums what their children has or used as a comforter .... since all the pushchairs were laden with dummy's on name clips , muslin squares , various soft toys , certain blankets and snuggly taggie type things .
I know that my children all have their own certain comforters and im embarrassed to say .......but here goes my eldest has a blue monkey .....He's old tired and has a hole in his tail where it has been rubbed or sucked. My middle son has a blanket that is a fleece type microfiber thing which he refers to as blanky. as this gets dragged across the floor and taken everywhere I have to be like a secret ninja to retrieve it from his cot when he's sleeping so I can wash it as sadly ......It STINKS !!!!! . Then finally my daughter who appears to have much better taste sleeps with her muslin swaddle not fussy any clean one will do and her issie comforter with the satin edges.
I was wondering if all the mums were also like me and had to sneak around washing these comforters so they look acceptable , and how many of them like me had had to go back inside asda running around looking for a grubby looking animal because their child won't sleep without it ??????. See BC. ...or before child I used to giggle at these mums who were out and about with children and an armful of comfort items just in case .......well that is me !!!!.
Thankfully because the aden + anais comforters from mummyandlittleme are sold in packs of two i always have one at home clean for my daughter amd one tuckrd under her arm!!!
But what would happen if we lost the comforter ......eeeeeeekkkkkk actually i dont want to know and i dont want to see if the boys will settle without their favourite things . Im not ready to brave more hours without sleep because of a tired old monkey and a stinky blue blanky. Thou .... i feel that all of the mums were of the same opinions as me and walk over hot coals to retrieve the beloved item :)

Which leads me onto another subject of the mummy handbag ....... Every single person at baby group or in fact every parent at the playground had the most bizarre items inside their handbags ...... so I thought I'd take a look in mine ...... well fairly open minded I found a dummy .... an imaginext figure various chocolate type shapes may have been chocolate buttons on a past life and pack of baby wipes with added fluff stuck to the sticker , a sachet of paracetamol and a scrunched up letter from school ....;)
But to name just a few we found plastic bangles .... juice cartons squashed of course !! Muslin squares various biscuits plasters and packets of raisins !!!.
It's funny how really we all keep these things and feel like we can't leave the house without a survival kit if that's the right word to use ! . I long for the day when I can go out without looking like we are planning a weekend away . I'm envious of those little smart handbags with just mummy items inside .....However I wouldn't swap my children or my pink lining bag filled with all sorts for the world everyone needs half eaten food and a superhero figure in their bag ...... don't they ??? ....maybe just in case ???? ..

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