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Which Changing bag Mother are you?

Wednesday, 24 January 2018  | 

There are so many baby changing bags available now it might feel a little overwhelming looking at them all wondering how you are going to narrow them down to just one bag. So as a bit of light-hearted fun I have put together a helpful guide to aid you on your changing bag quest!, In a help to narrow down which bags might be best suited for you I have put the choices into little categories. I have tried to include 3 price points where applicable, the budget friendly price point which is £100 or less, the luxury price point of £100-£200 and then the premium choices which are over £200. The Trendsetter Mum - Always one season ahead of the fash pack, wears what makes her happy and looks amazing whilst doing so. Lot's of bright colours, metallic's and leopard print which is always a winner in my book. Most likely to seen with:The Super-Organised Mum - The mum I aspire to be haha, lots of pockets and pouches for everything. Everything in this mums bag has its own place and she can find it within 5 seconds flat.
  • Skiphop - Forma Backpack £70, I love the organisation cubes that this bag comes with so much so that I have considered buying this bag just for the cubes. I wish Skiphop sold them separately.
  • Petunia Picklebottom Intermix Backpack from £99 + Starter Kit £49, £148 total this is new to the UK and has caught my eye. I absolutely love the design of the starter kit with removable pouches for everything and you can also attach it separately to your pram handles if you didn't want to take your backpack out with you.
  • Pacapod - Firenze Latte £275, I love this looks like a high-end leather handbag and is available in lots of colours. I used to own this bag myself and I can tell you it is amazing! I love the 2 organisation pods that come with the bag but one of my favourite features is that each pocket has a little icon patch stitched above it showing you what to put in that pocket so will never forget where anything is again.
The Sporty Mum - The mum who is only ever seen in gym leggings and a messy bun. A busy mum who loves to go to the gym and wants a bag that will do it all.
  • Storksak - Cleo Black £99.95, I really like this new design from Storksak and the handy little cross body bag that comes with it, it's worth it just for the additional little bag in my eyes.
  • Jem + Bea - Lola Red £120, sports-luxe at it's finest I really love this bag in black and I'm considering getting one for myself for work (I don't go to the gym if you knew me that thought would be laughable). This bag would double up as the perfect gym bag but I love it's laid bag sports chic and I would use this as an everyday tote.
  • Kerikit - Joy XL Black £295 - In my eyes this is the perfect multi-functional bag! It's a gorgeous stand alone leather backpack, it can be clipped onto your pram straps for when you don't want to carry it and it features lots of pockets and would easily hold gym gear. One of my favourite features is the outside bottle pockets which make my life so much easier when I'm trying to up my daily water intake. I have the older smaller version of this bag in black croc and it's the only changing bag that I will not part with as I still use it often even though my daughter is 3 and a half and long since out of nappies.
The 'I love Designer Handbags' Mum - This is one for the ladies who won't part with there Mulberry tote and are tempted to use it as a nappy bag - no just don't it's not worth the risk. These bags look just as gorgeous and are just as good quality as that Mulberry. Sorry there is no cheap options in this category, basically you can't go wrong with anything by Jem + Bea or Kerikit.
  • Jem + Bea - Jemima Black £265, one of the ladies that founded Jem + Bea used to design bags for Mulberry and Anya Hindmarch and Burberry and that's why when you are up close with a Jem + Bea bag you can really see the high quality of the bag, the leather is very high-end and the workmanship is impeccable. It really shows.
  • Kerikit - Lennox Ice Grey £260, Keri who founded Kerikit comes from an extensive career as a global designer for luxury retailers. Again the very high quality shows through, Keri often choses the exact same leathers for her bags as you would find used on the top designer bags.
The ' I Just Want A Nice Practical Bag' Mum You may not really care what the new trend is and you kind of wonder why so many mums wear gym leggings on the school run as regular pants as you know they never go to the gym? but you also know damn sure that £200 is way more than you want to spend on a changing bag mmhmm I hear ya so these are for you.I hope you like my changing bag guide and that it may have even helped you narrow down which bag to choose. I really could have carried on and made this post twice as long but I'm sure that you may get bored of reading soon, who knows I may write a part 2 to this guide. - Jodie x @wigan_mum Disclaimer: The words in this post are written by me Wigan Mum and are my thoughts and opinions only. I speak for myself and not for Mummy and Little Me. If this post offended anyone I apologise as it was just meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. --


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