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When do you drop your toddlers day time nap?

Thursday, 25 August 2016  |  Admin

Jack Has Dropped His Naps!

This week has been a difficult one for me and Wayne as parents. I thought that we had successfully negotiated Jack's transition from cot to bed. For the first few weeks of the transition Jack was self-settling and seemed to have dealt with the change really well. This was until four days ago. In the last few days Jack has begun to resist bedtime. He has finally realised that he can get out of bed when he pleases and has been doing so every night. Myself and Wayne have just been leading him back to his bed every time he gets out, this process has gone on for hours.

Jack then also decided he didn't want to nap. So now I have a no napping toddler. To be honest as much as I love my beautiful little boy, I also have come to enjoy naptime. It allows me to catch up with my blogging, housework or on lazy days - television. It was 90 minutes of peace. I could drink a hot cup of tea or eat some nice food. Jack dropping his nap makes me realise how quickly my little boy is growing up. He has been displaying signs of nap dropping for a while. These are the things that I noticed just prior to Jack dropping naps:

1) He wouldn't settle at night - This is pretty self-explanatory. He just wouldn't self-settle at night. He started to become distressed at bedtime and was settling nearer 10:30pm rather than 7:30pm.

2) He was also resisting naps - Again, he started to refuse naps. Like at night-time, he was just getting out of bed and shouting for me.

3) Managing to get through the day without a melt-down - This was one of the major things that I noticed just prior to Jack dropping naps. Usually if Jack didn't nap, he would begin to get overtired and upset at around 4pm. However, more recently Jack has gone through this period without seeming overtired.

Is your child dropping their nap? Was their any obvious signs?