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What's in my changing bag the toddler edition

Thursday, 21 April 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

I love seeing other bloggers posts about what's in their bag whether it be a regular handbag or baby bag, I just love having a nosey. There is no doubt that as your baby grows into a toddler some of the contents of your bag change. Here is what I carry in my bag for a regular day out into town:

Stuff for me:

As your changing bag doubles up as your handbag, I have to fit all my bits in as well so for me I have:

  1. Purse
  2. Tissues
  3. Keys (not pictured)
  4. iPhone (not pictured)
  5. Small zip bag - includes paracetamol, lip balm, headphones,
  6. Make up - I carry a lipstick and some concealer. I never seem to wear either these days but I carry it y'know just incase.
  7. Fold up brush and a bobble
  8. Glasses cleaner and cloth
  9. Notebook and pen
  10. Fold up shopping bag
  11. Spare breastpads - I keep forgetting these lately so I've made sure to pack them. I recently went to a family birthday party and had forgot to put them in, I had to cut up a sanitary towel and use that instead �� it did the job though.
  12. Bleep bleeps Sammy screamer. This is a motion sensor alarm that connects to my iPhone via Bluetooth. I hook it onto my pram or bag if I'm leaving it unattended for a short while. It only works if your a short distance away which is a negative point but if someone tries to move whatever it's attached to it will sound a alarm and immediately alerts my iPhone (you can turn the alarm off if you prefer). I've found it to be useful in a busy McDonald's when there's no room for my pram next to the table. I can put it on and relax abit knowing that my pram hasn't moved and concentrate on what I'm doing.

Toddlers stuff 

  1. Changing mat
  2. Wet bag - I use mine to store nappies in. This black one came with my Tiba + Marl backpack, it can also be used as a cross body bag as it comes with a removable strap.
  3. Nappies (3), wipes, nappy sacks. I love the small travel size packs of wipes but I struggle to find them these days. My favourite wipes are Aldi Mamia but they have stopped selling small travel size packs so I get Pampers ones.
  4. Reins - Once we are in town I usually let her walk for abit but I can't go out without he pram yet as her legs tire quickly. These cute reins are by Trunki.
  5. Small first aid kit, This contains Calpol, plasters, thermometer, bandages, alcohol wipes etc
  6. Snacks usually a packet of crisps and a box of raisins. I keep these in a separate small lunch bag as they usually end up going back into my bag half eaten and make a mess. Now that she can walk she hates being in the pram for long and going on public transport can be a nightmare as she wants to get out. Crisps usually distract her for a little while.
  7. Spare outfit, vest, top, leggings and socks. I thought my spare outfit days where over but when she turned one she got travel sickness, only when in the car for some reason. So now I'm scared of her getting sick when we are out so a spare outfit is a must.
  8. Drink of water, sometimes I let her have juice but most of the time I try to stick to water.
  9. Small toys/sticker book (not pictured). Again if I'm getting the bus I try to bring a few toys to keep her occupied.
  10. I always check the weather before leaving which still means nothing these days but I usually either pack a hat and mittens or some sunglasses depending what it says.

So this is what I pack if I know that im going to be out for a few hours. If we are only out for a short trip to a playgroup and back then I don't take as much.  All this stuff fit nicely in my Jem + Bea Beatrice bag and there is still some room left.

- Jodie X


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