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Friday, 3 June 2016  |  Admin

My Five Toddler Must Haves

       Across the Internet, those essential early items are talked about. The things that parents of newborn babies couldn't survive without. When these newborns turn into toddlers, their needs change as do the items that we as parents need, to survive the day. Aside from those obvious items and toys what else do they need! Here are my top toddler must haves.

1) Snacks - Honestly as soon as we step outside the house all my toddler asks for is snacks. Where do they put all that food! I always make sure I have snacks packed into Jacks changing bag before I go anywhere. I always try to take snacks that are easily distributed on the go. My go-to toddler snacks include fruit, toddler crisps or rice cakes.

2) Toddler Splash Mat - Toddlers are messy eaters. Jack can often be found with yoghurt in his hair or on his body. I rarely see it in his mouth! For this reason, we always put lay down a mat on the floor that catches the food and protects our floors. I also use the mat for protection when we do things like painting and crafting.

3) Potty - The dreaded period of potty training. Jack has just turned two and we are currently considering starting potty training. A potty is obviously essential for this. We currently have two around the house. Jack understands what they are for but doesn't seem that keen on using them for this purpose. I often find toys in them instead! You can a variety of types including ones that flush or make noises.

4) Youtube Kids - This is a bit of a controversial choice as some parents don't believe in toddlers having any use of Ipads or TV's. However, in my opinion occasional use of the Ipad has been great for Jack. Youtube Kids in particular has some educational videos that help toddler's learn nursery rhymes, the alphabet and counting. Jack has started singing nursery rhymes since we started using this app together.

5) Bed Rail - Jack recently started attempting to climb out of the cot. It was time for a bed rail. Bed rails attach to toddler beds and stop a toddler rolling out of bed in the night whilst asleep. Toddler's can get in and out of the bed alone when awake, so be prepared for a lot of involvement at bedtime.

6) Scooter - This may seem like a bit of an odd essential however for me it has been a godsend. Jack can walk but isn't very keen on it. As usual with toddlers, it takes ages to get anywhere. Jack has recently started using a scooter. He gets so excited when I get his helmet out as he knows it is scooter-time. It has really widened where we can go outdoors and has made him excited to be outside.

7) Velcro Shoes - Jack has a few pairs of velcro shoes. He has just started attempting to put them on himself. Velcro shoes are easy to put on and help give him a little early independence as he puts shoes on himself. Getting shoes onto my toddler is difficult enough, I can't imagine also getting laces done too!