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What you need in your hospital bag

Monday, 3 October 2016  |  Admin

Hospital bags are extremely hard to pack, and I see so many posts on what people are intending to take and what is packed ready and waiting in their bags, for when the time is ready. But not many talk afterwards, and say what they found useful and what they didn't - so I'll be doing the former. After giving birth twice, and having a long hospital stay second time around with a poorly baby, I feel I can give some good guidance on what I found really useful.

A big water bottle - You don't need to go and buy the latest spots cup, because even a empty evian bottle should do the trick, when I was in labour my mouth got so dry and first time around I had to keep sending John to the little water cooler to fill up those measly cups that barely hold two moutfulls of water. Second time around we were prepared and it made sure John was able to be by my side the whole time.

A bobble - If you have long hair, likelihood is you wont want it in your face when you're in such a hot sweaty state. Always pack one ready in case you don't have one on hand when your contractions start, I'm usually forever trying to dig one out of the back of a drawer.

Socks - What is it about feet getting cold in labour? I've given birth on the hottest day of the year and then in December and both times, my feet were like ice. A must have in my books.

Maternity Pillow - I lived off mine second time around, so I knew it would be essential to me in the hospital and although it was nice to have the extra cushioning during labour. It was so handy after to be able to rest my arm on when feeding my boys.

A card and some choccies - Always goes down well to give the midwives after you've given birth, I'm pretty certain doing this helped me secure John being allowed to stay overnight with us for our first nights stay, as well as getting our own room postpartum. A little sucking up goes a long way.

So there you have my essentials, stay tuned for my next post about what I really didn't need during my hospital stay. Let me know if there was anything you really had to have during labour?