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What you need in your changing bag

Wednesday, 8 November 2017  | 

If you are about to be a new Mum (or Dad!) and you are not really sure what you should put in your baby changing bag then hopefully this rough guide will help you!  There are no hard and fast rules but basically it is there to support nappy changing, feeding and it is also your handbag...

So changing first

Nappies - we don't sell nappies but what I will say is we all used organic nappies with no bleach in, ok they did not look as pretty and they were more expensive, but the good news is your little one will not get nappy rash from all those harsh chemicals they normally put in nappies.

Nappy bags - if you are out and about and have no access to a bin then you will need these, some of them have a nice fragrance as well

Cream - We all used sudocream which is great - we have also just started selling Nappy Spray,  this is organic and will not harm your baby and it smells lovely. Have a look..

Wipes - again we all used organic ones, yes they are expensive but not just better on babies bottom, think of your hands - they will dry out from all the washing, organic wipes will be less harsh.

Spare clothes - Pop some sleepsuits in your bag, they are small and roll into nothing and are great all season clothes for tiny ones.

Musys - handy for mopping up spills - also can be used as bibs, have a look

Swaddle - handy for lots of things but I remember going to dirty public toilets and using it to lay the baby on, you can also use as a thin blanket, to put over your pram when you want them to go to sleep, cover yourself if you are breastfeeding, We have more swaddles on our site than you can shake a wobbly stick at! Have a look ....

So that is everything you need for changing ... now feeding

Breastfeeders - 

Mamascarfs are great they keep you covered during the feed and help support the baby, have a look

Breastpads - ok again having used both organic and non during feeding we are big believers that anything without chemicals will not make your breasts sore, have a look 

Spare Nursing Bra - You may  not need this but some women do leak quite badly so until you know whether you are a leaker it's maybe best to pop one in.. have a look 

Bottles - Even if you are breastfeeding there may be times when you want to give your baby some water, for non breastfeeders you may well keep a couple of bottles in your bag,

Powder/ Milk - A great tip, don't make up your milk before you need it - just pop the powder in a container then tip it in as you need it. That way you can keep them longer than the 2 hours quoted by the NHS.

Nipple cream - Sorry we currently don't have any nipple cream but there are lots of good ones out there.

Also don't forget  this is your handbag - so your keys, purse, mobile etc - as they get bigger a book or toys ...

So that is that ... if anyone can think of other tips or must have's please do let us know!

Love Mummy and Little Me team ....



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