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What is in your changing bag?

Friday, 11 May 2018  |  Admin


What do you put in a changing bag???


Mummy of four style the real question is what don’t you? Or what do you wish you had popped in for your adventures.  We have in our personal changing bag a host of baby supplies as well as some bits for mummy  


We are currently using the Storksak travel changing bag in black as a trial run prior to our trip to Disney

We have

  • nappies for two as unfortunately our 3 year old is still in pull ups
  • Wipes (how much are a god send are baby wipes, with a multitude of uses) water wipes are fab especially for stuck on muck
  • Bum cream – our favourite go to creams for sore bottoms are bepanthan or metanium though new ones on the market now such as organic green people… what do you use? I would love to try others as my children have allergies
  • Keys – car and door with our little touch of Disney
  • Changes of clothes – we have reflux here so two sets of spare clothes are a must
  • Fresh reuseable Breast pads – I add these in if we are going to be out all day
  • Muslins by the bucket load – only joking but at a wedding Saturday I used 5 with little man – the Aden and Anais look lovely maybe too beautiful to use lol
  • Anti bacterial gel or our new found foam as it protects from even norovirus
  • Nappy sacks – for dirty clothes as well as dirty nappies
  • Red book – so I always know where it is
  • Purse – love my Kate spade purse -  little of the old me where I used to use a handbag
  • Hairbrush with spare hair tie
  • Make up – usually just a lipstick but if all day then a full face touch up
  • Baby’s reflux medicine and syringe
  • Snacks – for me and the three year old
  • Now I pack a large muslin for breastfeeding cover though my little man doesn’t like to be covered anymore but because he is combi fed we have to pack bottles and milk – this is the reason that on my wants list is the pacapod lite pods



What’s in your bag?