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What is in the bag?

Thursday, 18 February 2016  |  Admin

When you become a parent, the first thing that you will notice is just how many things need to go everywhere with you. Getting out of the house with a baby or a toddler is an achievement in itself. Getting out of the house without forgetting anything takes planning. The contents of my changing bag change on a regular basis. Below is what you may want to include in your changing bag. I have tried to include general items I have used in the last 22 months. Just pick and choose what you need from the list!

Items for Nappy Changes

In one of the smaller pockets I carry everything I need to change Jack's nappy. I carry five nappies with me as this will now last Jack the day. For a newborn I suggest carrying more as they will definitely need changing more often. I also take a pack of Wipes, some nappy sacks and a tub of sudocrem. Wipes are my saviour as I use them to mop up the inevitable spills that happen on a daily basis. I found it was also worthwhile having a small foldable changing may in my changing bag.


I try to keep all essential medical items together in another pocket. This currently consists of Sun Lotion, Calpol, Teething Granules, Anbesol Liquid, Teething Gel and Calprofen. Do you see the teething theme? Sophie the Giraffe is a great toy/teether to include for little ones.

I also keep a comb, brush and spare dummies.

Bottles/Drinks and Snacks

I do not miss having to take bottles everywhere. If your child is drinking formula milk then you will need to take a few sterilised bottles some hot water in a flask and the formula itself. Bibs and muslin clothes are fantastic when winding your little one.

If your child is older, make sure you take a beaker of water everywhere. They will always want a drink when you are caught without one.

My toddler is always hungry so I make sure I take snack pots full of healthy goodies. They prove a great distraction to tantrums too! I always make sure I take a plate and cutlery too. If you are eating out you will want to make sure you have everything you need, just in case.


To end with I always include a spare change of clothes. Nappies occasionally leak so it is good to be prepared. Toys are vital on any trip out. From small rattles for newborns to cars and board books for toddlers, I always make sure I have a few different toys packed. Lastly I take a blanket for colder weather and Jack's red NHS book just in case.

No wonder my back is always hurting!