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What do you pack in your baby changing bag?

Monday, 11 January 2016  |  Admin

Now we are getting out more as a family of five we are finding more about what we need to pack before we leave the house. I've a fair few change bags and only two really cut the mustard when packing for both the boys.

The first is the BabyMule Classic change bag in Plum. It comes with a nappy bag insert and so if you purchase an extra one it means each child can have their own nappy pouch. This is ideal as if then your going to nursery or only have only child with you you can either take out the pouch you don't need or pass it on to whoever is caring for your child. It also has two large bag sections. I tend to have one for nappies and clothes and the second is for my stuff. The front pocket I pop in my purse, keys and phone so they are in handy reach. This bag is my Babywearing favourite and it is more tailored towards both parents.

Our second is the Storksak Herringbone. This has plenty of pockets and although it's a bit more of a lose style bag it means I can section out the various pouches to make it easy to find things. This is more of a handbag style change bag and I use this more for coffee dates as its smart but still very roomy for everything I need.


So what do I pack in my daily change bag?

Nappy pouch for my 18 month old / 3 nappies, socks, wipes and bottom cream
Nappy pouch for my 8 weeks old / 5 nappies, socks, wipes and bottom cream
Breast pads
A change of clothes for each boy
A blanket just in case what's on the buggy isn't enough
A wrap sling for the newborn
My diary and pens
Face wipes
Lip balm
Purse, keys and phone!
Back up phone charger
Tagging or teddy

What do you pack in yours?

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