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What do you carry in your changing bag?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

I love seeing posts showing what other parents carry in their changing bags so I thought I would share an updated one of mine. What I carry can slightly vary depending on the season and where we are going but here is whats in my bag at the moment. My daughter is 2.5 and still in nappies, this Born In Britain bag has a dedicated large back pocket to store all your baby changing essentials. In there I keep nappies, wipes, nappy bags, coconut oil and the changing mat that comes with the bag. None is this is in my photograph. Everything pictured is from the large main compartment of my bag, here is whats inside :-


: wimb.jpg


  • Pink Lining stroller straps, these are so easy to use and very well made. I personally like how they aren't velcro as they feel very sturdy and strong.
  • Fold up reusable tote bag.
  • Bobbi Brown Corrector. This stuff is amazing and disguises any darkness from under your eyes, I use it underneath concealer but it can also be worn alone. It also features a handy little mirror.
  • Clinique lipstick, I'm quite fussy with lipsticks but this one is a great neutral colour and feels very light and moisturising on the lips.
  • Activity booklet, this one is Christmas themed so I should probably swap it out for a different one. Sophia isn't really one to enjoy drawing or colouring when out as she gets bored after about 2 minutes so she uses this to put stickers in instead.
  • Skiphop reusable snack bag, I always keep a few snacks in here for us both. At the moment it has a packet of crisps, some Bear Paw sweets and an emergency lollypop.
  • Business cards, these are great if I get talking to a new mum at a playgroup, they can then find me on social media and have a read of my blog if they fancy.
  • Zoo In A Tin, this is such a great idea! It's a wooden play set that fits into a tin. It's reasonably light and perfect for storing in my bag for when we eat out, also the pieces aren't too small. Sophia never likes staying sat at the table so hopefully this will help to keep her distracted.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand cream, my hands get so dry in winter so this is a seasonal essential in my bag.
  • Phone battery pack with cable, it seems that everyone is carrying around these portable phone chargers at the moment and I think that they are a great idea. I like how this one is thin and lightweight, the cable also doubles as a key ring.
  • Tissues.
  • Winter accessories, hat, scarf and gloves.
  • Klean Kanteen drink bottle, I'm loving this stainless steel drinks bottle as it keeps the water cold and fresh all day.
So that's it, if you want to share whats in your bag please be sure to tag me wigan_mum on social media so that I can have a nosy. - Jodie x