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What can you expect from the Pink Lining new season collection ........

Tuesday, 19 July 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

What can you expect from the Pink Lining new season collection ........

Its the time of year when we all get very excited here at Mummy & Little Me its that time when the new pink lining collection goes live and we get to see which ones our customers like.  Having already seen them we have all chosen our favourites designs and styles here in the office as we do every season.    What will be our customers favourites, will it be the bold hearts and diamonds print or the lovely soft garden birds or will it be the striking black cabs design a particular favourite of ours.  And we hear on the grapevine that the black cabs yummy mummy may be set for bigger things later this year you heard it here first ........


Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Black Cabs       Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Diamonds and Hearts

Once you've chosen your print for this season then it's time to decide which style bag suits you, are you a yummy mummy type person, or maybe your prefer the sleek look of the henrietta tote. Making another appearance in this season's collection is the Pink Lining Wonder Bag this was a new style earlier this year which you all loved, it combines the pink lining style with the practicalities of a rucksack.  Whichever bag you go for all Pink Lining bags have everything you need from a baby changing bag, which is one of the reasons our customers love this brand.

Pink Lining Wonder Bag in Diamonds and Hearts             Pink Lining Henrietta Tote Garden Birds Changing bags

Then lastly we come to the Bridgett Hospital bag a great lightweight holdall bag that will turn heads where ever you take it.  Whether you use this as a baby bag or just simply love the black cabs design it makes a great weekend bag.  Here in the office we have ours on order! 





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